Thursday, January 23, 2014

Highlights of Christmas Break

Merry Christmas!

Only one instance of drama, short-lived. Progress!

Maxipoo knocking on my door to ask if I would keep him company while he played Zelda

Maxipoo asking me if my "friend who is good at Zelda" was online so that he could ask for help navigating through one of the levels. Technology is pretty cool. I think that is has been a boon for introverts/socially anxious, adn those who want to be more connected to those within other borders.

Maxipoo  asking me to play soccer with him.

Maxipoo knocking on my door and asking me, "Auntie Booger, may I come in and talk to you about Minecraft?" and subsequently lounging on my bed to discuss game theory with me for thirty five minutes.

Playing Minecraft with Maxipoo and Bum.

Maxipoo knocking on my door and asking if he could come and read in my room and subsequently reading his book next to me on my bed while I browsed Fotballfrue.

Maxipoo's grey angora snugglebeast, Nimby (short for "Cumulonimbus") is the softest, prettiest, most-joy-making snuggly fluff monster with the tiniest meow. I think Maxipoo could do a Boy Scout Project where he qualifies Nimby for service as a companion or comfort animal. He is really cute/polite/good with people, he loves helping, and Nimy is a really friendly, loving, un-shy, dog-like cat. They would make a popular duo.

I got $7.11 back in change when I stopped at 7-11 on Christmas day.

Driving to Richland to pick up Katherine in the windiest conditions ever.

Driving to Richland to pick up Katherine in the slidiest/heaviest-snowiest conditions ever.

Driving to Richland to drop Katherine off in the foggiest conditions ever.

Ellensburg welcoming me back to her warm, sunny, windy bosom. Susequently fell asleep from 7 pm - 10 pm and was thus able to stay up to ring in the new year.