Saturday, December 13, 2014

A brief update.

I work at the Center for Leadership and Community Engagement at CWU. We coordinate volunteer opportunities, create/host community events and offer leadership training. Recently I oversaw our Giving Tree program (collecting gifts for kids in the community), helped with the Holiday Extravaganza (35 holiday craft tables for community kids to come and make with/for their parents) and aided in Fall quarter's Unheard Voices, which is a quarterly program that focuses on one cause/organization and helps them out. We did a winter clothing drive with ASPEN, an agency that helps victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Photo Dump:
Due to my superb folding skills, this box (roughly the size of a mini-fridge) was FULL of coats, sweaters, gloves, socks, beanies and scarves. There was a second box full just to the right of this photo. In total I believe they collected over 130 pieces of clothing. It was awesome.

My first ginger bread house! I can't believe I'd never made one before. It was crazy amounts of fun!

Details of the different piping I did on the roof.

Side view! It is so cute I love it!

The back view.
One of my mother's houses.
Her other. Sorry for potato - my phone is so old and falling apart it's sad. Rumor has it that Katherine is sending me a nice Galaxy that she got from her bf's parents (since it doesn't work with her plan, and she doesn't want to unlock it).
Just one small taste of the success of our Giving Tree program. We had several hundred gifts and stocking stuffer bags. This is just one angle of the room in which we stored them. Initially they were in our office....everywhere.

Each school/daycare center had their own numbers, and we tried to keep them organized (which helped enormously with both keeping track of them and being able to get in and out of the office).

Another corner of the office.

Wrapping around the front desk (where I work 50% of the time).

....continuing around. This was AFTER we'd moved at least 100 of them into another room.

Other corner of the office.... I also didn't take pictures of the book cases, upon which we'd stacked about 30 stocking stuffer bags.

My office. These pictures were all taken about 4 days before we finished. It represents only about 2/3 of the total gifts we collected. It was crazy.

The view from the front desk.
My job is fun - I basically just make crafts and help people all day. I enjoy the people I work with for the most part, but I won't be able to stay here forever. It doesn't pay enough and I'm far more capable of doing better work than I currently do. 

Feel-good experience my friend Nick shared. I met him through imgur and he's a solid person

Hilarious picture is hilarious. I love the idea of "yard fiddlers" being some kind of natural pestilence like deer or gophers, and which appear regularly when people are outside sipping coffee or pruning the roses. 

This is a picture of me before I went to a July 4th celebration.

Badass sign from the protests of the Iguala Mass Kidnapping. It says "They thought they could bury us but didn't know that we were seeds." 

A view of my Minecraft home. I built it out of opal (really kick-ass block that came with the mod my friend and I were using that changes color - horizontal changes give you gradient, vertical changes give you a new color). The tall tower is my launch pad (I use a hang glider to get around, it's amazing). 

The changes I planned for my blog are going to have to wait until I have more money and better technology to use. I may start using the office computers during my lunch break, but I doubt it. Most likely I'll continue to be an only-occasional blogger until I have the time and resources to post more regularly - not to mention I don't exactly have anything exciting to share. I have some big plans for this next year, though, so we'll see where I'm at next Christmas!

Friday, May 30, 2014

A Brief Update - and Major Changes Coming Soon!

Yesterday at 4:55 PM I completed the final requirements for my Master's of Arts degree in Russian History. I sobbed.

I have moved into a friend's house, about 6 blocks south of my apartment. This is not only going to be a blast of a summer, it also makes me feel safer - my across-the-hall neighbor was stalking me, and I had to file a police report - so I will actually be able to enjoy being "home."

I am going to relaunch my blog at some point during this summer and have massive changes ahead. I'm not sure if I will continue to use this particular site or not. Either way, it will make for a fantastic summer project and I'm excited to roll it out!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A (very) brief update/advice for parents.

Almost done with my MA (FINALLY!!) and quite busy working for the student government. I will be relaunching this blog (after completing a major overhaul) sometime later this summer. Life is grand!!

Wet N Wild Megalast Lipstick is amazing, comes in about 30 different, GORGEOUS shades and is $1.99....

And now, some advice or parents:
#1 STOP EFFING JUDGING EACH OTHER. Not a single one of you has an effing clue what the hell you're doing, regardless of how "experienced" you are, so stop being assholes. And yes, you ARE assholes when you're waspishly looking at the other mom's tummy/bum, or are trying to out-toss the other dads during baseball warm-ups. You act as if you are naturals at parenting, and you're not - no one is. If you wanna be a good parent, observe and listen - and keep your mouth shut.

#2 Stop trying to act like you're going to "ace" parenting - and have some fun. It's not a competition, and your life TRULY should not change as much as you let it change. You don't need to suddenly spend every waking moment waiting for your child to take a dump or feel guilty if you want to go out and get drinks with your girls/boys. You're still an individual, NOT a vessel, slave, or companion. You can still go out and be a normal adult - trust me, the kids will be better for it if you LEAVE THEM THE HELL ALONE!

#3 You won't be able to keep things as clean as you want without seriously messing up your child's emotional/psychological growth, so stop being so neurotic. It truly DOES NOT matter if there are food crumbs on the dining room floor, a few dirty dishes in the sink, and a few toys left out of their box. If the world was coming to an end, where would YOUR priorities be?? Not with the mess.

#4 Seriously about the judging thing - if you spend even one moment thinking that the pregnant woman who is smoking a single cigarette, sipping a single glass of wine, or is exercising more rigorously than your lard-ass is, you're not only ignorant, but are clearly NOT mature enough to have children. The reality is, despite the hyperbolic propaganda fed to us by our medical industry, you CAN actually drink wine/soda/juice/exercise/continue living as an actual human being without giving your kid debilitating birth defects. You can also give birth to a child with debilitating birth defects if you live an extremely healthy lifestyle. SO SERIOUSLY: STOP JUDGING EACH OTHER.

#5 Non-parent friends are just as capable of hanging out with your kids as you are - just stop nagging, worrying, or acting as if children actually change your life, because they don't. Children are just little friends who need a bit of help for a few years. No non-parent actually thinks you're lame if you bring your kids along - In fact, most of them are stoked that they get to hang out with more little friends. Wanna know what IS annoying? Parents who perpetually apologize for their toddler's noisiness (we're not mentally handicapped - we realize that children make noise), act as if their 5 year old has murdered a kitten if they knock over a glass of milk, or storm out of a restaurant, dragging their child along, because that child dared to NOT be an adult. Guess what - adults behave worse than any child ever has. So stop worrying and remember how to be a good friend, both to your peers and your children. Parenthood isn't an excuse to blow off the people in your life.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Highlights of Christmas Break

Merry Christmas!

Only one instance of drama, short-lived. Progress!

Maxipoo knocking on my door to ask if I would keep him company while he played Zelda

Maxipoo asking me if my "friend who is good at Zelda" was online so that he could ask for help navigating through one of the levels. Technology is pretty cool. I think that is has been a boon for introverts/socially anxious, adn those who want to be more connected to those within other borders.

Maxipoo  asking me to play soccer with him.

Maxipoo knocking on my door and asking me, "Auntie Booger, may I come in and talk to you about Minecraft?" and subsequently lounging on my bed to discuss game theory with me for thirty five minutes.

Playing Minecraft with Maxipoo and Bum.

Maxipoo knocking on my door and asking if he could come and read in my room and subsequently reading his book next to me on my bed while I browsed Fotballfrue.

Maxipoo's grey angora snugglebeast, Nimby (short for "Cumulonimbus") is the softest, prettiest, most-joy-making snuggly fluff monster with the tiniest meow. I think Maxipoo could do a Boy Scout Project where he qualifies Nimby for service as a companion or comfort animal. He is really cute/polite/good with people, he loves helping, and Nimy is a really friendly, loving, un-shy, dog-like cat. They would make a popular duo.

I got $7.11 back in change when I stopped at 7-11 on Christmas day.

Driving to Richland to pick up Katherine in the windiest conditions ever.

Driving to Richland to pick up Katherine in the slidiest/heaviest-snowiest conditions ever.

Driving to Richland to drop Katherine off in the foggiest conditions ever.

Ellensburg welcoming me back to her warm, sunny, windy bosom. Susequently fell asleep from 7 pm - 10 pm and was thus able to stay up to ring in the new year.