Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Better Late Than Dead

I apologize to Casey and Jessica (since you two are really the only ones who ever read my blog :D ) for my lack of posts for the last half a year. Let me sum up really quickly... if I can

Met Jordan in August, and we started dating...pretty much immediately. Our first date went well. We went to a Thai restaurant in town (despite my strong resistance; I'd read a ton of reviews that said it was awful, etc. Naturally it was delicious.) and had a great time. When Jordan went to pay his card was declined (because he'd forgotten to activate it!) so I went ahead and paid. Apparently this was a bigger deal to him than it was to me (I'm an educated, sophisticated, employed human being, why would anyone hesitate to pay for a meal they'd just enjoyed??), and he was determined to have a fun night with me. We did have a fun night, and a fun weekend for that matter. In fact, we were inseparable for the first few days until I moved out of my apartment and got stranded in Walla Walla. Eventually I moved back to Ellensburg and lived with Jordan for a few weeks before moving in to....

THE CAT HOUSE. This house was disgusting, the owners were tuppin' weirdos, and it was overall the most uncomfortable living situation I've had since Seattle two summers ago. And I think you all remember how that was... Needless to say, after the New Year I moved in with some friends (and by that I mean I transferred my belongings and rent monies to a new place - I spend all of my time with Jordan and his roommates at their house in town).

I cut my hair. You've seen pics on Facebook, so I won't post any now (though I will probably edit this post and place some pics on here), but I don't actually like it. The girl cut it much, much shorter than I wanted it so it's very difficult for me to style. Fortunately, however, the cut itself is by no means "bad," the response has been positive, and it's already growing out closer to the length I want it so no harm no foul.

I quit grad school. Yeah. I did that. After suffering for two years, and then realizing that I would quit literally rather be dead than attend my once-a-week seminar (which is a totally fun class, with a fun topic, the most hilarious prof I've ever met, and a ton of friends) I decided I should probably look into the repercussions of withdrawing from the university. I discovered that the financial aspect of quitting was actually pretty standard - I have to pay back any financial aid from THIS QUARTER. Since I began grad school I was under the misconception that if I dropped out I'd be forced to return all funds (the university grants, etc) since the beginning of my degree. My relief was practically an entity in the room, and I immediately stopped going to class. I now need to formally withdraw (I've been delaying, as it now looks as if I've attended most of the quarter and will therefore not have to pay back as much as I would have a few weeks ago) and then that'll be it.

I'm on the job market. I've applied to about a dozen over the last week, and have now run out of positions to which I can apply.

Jordan was recently hired for a deli clerk position at Safeway (two blocks away) with the probability of cross-training in the bakery department and the Starbucks kiosk. This is good news for multiple reasons. His job at Subway has been miserable. Like, one of the worst jobs I've ever heard of miserable (EVEN for fast food). He was also forced to drop out of school due to financial reasons, and since he'll now be able to work as many hours as he can get through the end of September, he'll have saved up enough to afford to go back to school. I've applied to a few jobs on campus as well, which means there's a possibility I will be marrying him sometime at the end of summer (don't get too excited - it's only so that he'll only have to pay half tuition, a new benefit for CWU employees and their dependents). Sorry if that's unromantic, but that's just how I roll.

Pot is legal in the state of Washington now, so naturally I quit smoking. Kidding, I only quit so that I can pass a piss test if I get a job offer, something that infuriates me considering the nature of the test (doesn't test for the psychoactive/illegal chemical, how imprecise it is as far as timing goes - there's no difference in reactions if you smoked two weeks ago or if you smoked two hours ago, kind of a vital difference) and the nature of testing generally (the assumption that all employees are criminals and therefore must be tested for drugs, evne though that drug is now legal, etc, etc.) but...whatever. I play by the rules. I'm DEFINITELY hoping for one of those campus jobs, though, because fortunately Central is an enlightened, professional place that expects their employees to be enlightened and professional and NOT SHOW UP TO WORK HIGH - so they do not test employees for drugs. Nice. :)

I went to Ocean Shores. It was my first time visiting the Washington Coast. I won't be back (but it was a really fun trip!).

Uh...I'm sure there are other things, but that's all for now. I'll update this with pictures and probably blog again when I have something to talk about and/or get a job. :)