Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Galaxy Nexus/ teh futurz

I recently upgraded to the Galaxy Nexus and I can confidently say to anyone who does not have one that my phone is better than yours. This is no credit to myself, really, since all I did was select it. I was not involved in the development, programming, design, or manufacture of this exquisite marriage of art and science. This is the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport of smartphones, and after suffering for the last two years with that piece of doodie Palm Pixi, I am happily risking offending others with my smugness and joy.
If you feel bad (and you should) that you have an iPhone (which costs treble and isn't as nice), I have a small consolation prize for you. This morning, as I was about to celebrate the conclusion and submissiom of my independent study coursework by FINALLY playing Minecraft, I discovered that I am, in fact, a great feeble-minded oaf who has spent the last month working off of the wrong file and that I, in fact, have half of my project left to complete. Instead of playing Minecraft or downloading more apps onto my amazing new phone, I will be reading more boring reviews of boring history books and analyzing their applicability to my studies.
Whenever I do manage to complete the work (for real this time), I will begin sorting and packing, for I am not only moving out of my current apartment but FINALLY moving out of Ellensburg. I am scouring housing websites with a friend looking for a suitable house in Seattle. It is a big step for me, and while I am apprehensive, I couldn't be more excited. I will be living with one of my favorite friends, I will have access to a proper social life and people my own age (I am one of the oldest grad students in the history department, and to my knowledge, the only one without a significant other), a home with a yard and a garden and a porch on which to grill things. It will be a drastic, wonderful change, and hopefully one that will give me a bit more to blog about!