Sunday, February 19, 2012

2012 so far

So far 2012 has been all over the map for me emotionally and psychologically. All that matters is that I'm finally gaining some confidence back, getting my feet back under me, and devising a rough plan for the rest of the year.
Immediate goals include:
+ wearing new clothes I've bought (photos to come)
+ completing my prospectus (a 10 page paper I must submit to the graduate studies department, letting them know what my thesis will cover)
+ trying to get my grades up for the end of the quarter
+ getting ready (psychologically) to jump back into TAing (as I've been a "research assistant" this quarter, which is basically a scholarship)
By next quarter I hope to have:
+ gotten into even better shape than I feel I am (I started working out about three weeks ago, and things are going very well)
+ maintained a consistent (and good) performance in my Russian class
+ performed, once again, at World Language Day (Dinara asked me to sing, and I think I succeeded in getting a friend to make it a duet)
+ gotten myself set up for summer research (probably won't be in Russia, but I'd prefer to stay in the Burg)/thesis writing
+ found a house to live in with my friendses
By Fall quarter:
+ Begin job application process
+ Create my thesis committee
+ Defend my thesis to said committee (I want to throw up just thinking about how scary that's going to be-so I won't think about it)
+ Possibly begin applications to law schools/PhD programs.*

In a few weeks there is a career fair, which I'd like to go to. If I get brave enough, I'll stop by the Career Services center on campus for some help with my resume (I think it's okay, but maybe it sucks?) beforehand, so that I have something to give to potential employers. The Fall Quarter career fair was much more exciting (I couldn't go because of scheduling conflicts), but it's still worth my time to go and see the kind of responses I get. At the very least it might help me figure out what I CAN actually do with my degree(s).

* Because I will complete my MA mid-year, and because I didn't already apply to programs, if I DO want to continue with school, I will have to wait until Fall 2013. Therefore, if I apply to schools this year, I'll open up a lot of options for me later next year, after I've had a bit of a break and (hopefully) a few months' of work experience. It also means that I will need to study for/sit the LSAT.

What I'm most looking forward to is warmer weather. I've bought a bunch of cute clothes for summer, and I couldn't be more excited to be able to wear them. I found lots of cute stuff on sale, including an ADORABLE dress from ModCloth (usually way too expensive, but I got this dress for under $20, and that includes shipping!) and some fun shoes. Summer needs to hurry up and get here!!

Well, that's all for now, I'll post more later, and put up some photos, when I have a bit more time!