Monday, January 24, 2011

Blogged Arteries

I've been awfully busy lately, so my blog has been neglected. I apologize to all 1 of my readers for being too lazy (and by that I mean sick) to put these in any sort of chronological - or even thematic - order.

Mum came with me to my friends' 2nd Annual Purple Party.

My sister Rea gave me this awesome bookmark for Christmas, which I use to keep track of my studies in русскии.

Me bearing my Purple stamp at the aforementioned Purple Party.

My room before I went to the dollar store.

Me in the dollar store in Walla Walla, modeling New Year's Eve celebratory paraphernalia.

Post-dollar store organization. Don't mind the unmentionables.

The manicure I gave myself before my friend Brigid's Day of Birth/Toga party.

I purchased these adorable alphabet stickers at the dollar store. When I told mum I wasn't sure what I'd write, she said "You can put anything. How about "up yers?" In case you didn't pick up on this already, my mum's kind of a badass.

Mum and I made those poms out of some tissue paper from (you guessed it) the dollar store. I need to get some different tacks, the ladybugs throw off my groove.

We repotted all of my plants in these awesome PVC containers, then stuck them in the hanging baskets.

And the fruit....

Foam disks (dollar store), with which I have decorated my closet doors. The pink/purple up top bother me, but I'm too lazy to change them.

My room looks like the kind of thing a 7 year old would like, and that is why it's awesome. It a helter-skelter rainbow of polkadots and flowers.

And that's the story of how America was born.