Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NEWS! Seriously!

Wow, the last few weeks have been utterly bizarre.

Worst moment of the (length of time since I last blogged):
I basically got evicted from my last apartment. Long story short, despite the pre-agreed arrangement with the management, when I went in to sign my new lease ("any day before the first of September"") on the 29th, I was informed that my unit had been leased to another couple. There was a massive stack of paperwork (my file) on top of which was the email I sent over a month ago explicitly detailing the nature of the situation, asking where the confusion had come in, requesting clarification and emphasizing my desire to renew my lease -as we had already agreed. The property manager there is a complete asshole, and all four of the properties are run by one person: the management assistant, who, for all her sweetness, is the dumbest person I have ever met. Trying NOT to panic or scream at anyone, I immediately marched over to Michael's apartments and inquired about available units. Two days later, six people and all of their belonging had been moved out of Walnut Meadows apartment 5E and into University Place apartments. I now live within 35 seconds of Sean, Michael, Lindsey, and Jeremy (to my right, looking out my front door) and Gabi and Justin (to my left). The management here is superb, and I love the new units. They are smaller by many square feet, but their layout and storage is so much more efficient, so I actually have more room. The counters in the kitchen are lower, so I don't have to stand on my tip toes when I'm cooking (or wear heals). I have a view again, and I LOVE living on the second floor. It's much cooler and quieter. I don't have any pictures right now, though there are a few on my Facebook. I will post some eventually (probably once I have internet in my apartment).

Best moment of the (length of time since I last blogged):
I've started hanging out with this guy named Tyler. He is the ex-roommate of one of my friends. I've known him for years, but have only ever spoken to him at parties (not the best way to get to know someone). He's come over almost every day for the last week or so to watch Game of Thrones and other things, and he's a lot of fun. I love all of my friends, regardless of their age, but it IS nice to spend time with someone who is my own age. He's polite and confident and describes me as "adorable" and "accomplished," which I very much appreciate. It's great to have new friends! Especially tall, handsome, buff friends. Mmmmmm.

Funniest moment of the (length of time since I last blogged):
I introduced my friends to Wizard People, Dear Reader. If you are not yet familiar, I encourage you to google it.

What have I been eating lately?
Bell pepper, scalloped potatoes, and chocolate cake. I've lost weight. :)

Whose style am I crushing on?
....my own? I'm still living out of dresses, so I guess I'm crushing on the style of anyone who lives out of dresses.

Classes and work start next week. There's a get-together on Tuesday, I'll get to meet and greet, etc. I mostly just want someone to explain what the hell I'm supposed to do for my job.