Friday, July 8, 2011

One Third

We are 1/3 of the way done with our classes here, and I am very excited about that. Yes, I still have about two months left, but that is okay, because I've completed three whole weeks. Russian is going much better, I am confident that I will actually pass the next test, so that's something to look forward to! 

Worst moment of the week:
Wednesday morning while I was in class I received news that the son of a family friend had died of an accidental overdose. This is the second person I've known who has died, and the second to have OD'd. I was not close to this person, but I've known him my whole life and we played together often as children. He was my first friend. It deeply saddens me that his family is living with so much grief. 

Best moment of the week:
It's ANOTHER tie!!
First: Discovering a Safeway on this end of town. Now, instead of walking two miles down a steep-ass hill and back up again we now have to walk only one mile to and from a Safeway that is NOT up nor down a steep-ass hill. This means we can carry more and go more often, and thus won't have to go hungry as often.
Second: My cousin Danny is traveling abroad at present, and was able to chat with me yesterday about how much fun he is having in the various countries he has been visiting with his peers. I love My Danny more than pretty much everyone in my life, so it makes me so happy that he still thinks of me even when he's having the most fun in his life.

Strangest moment of the week:
Whilst waiting for Michael on Wednesday, some missionaries from The World Mission Society Church of God decided I was a good candidate for their message. I spoke with them for about half an hour about gospel and religion, and repeated regularly that I was an atheist. I think the idea that someone could not care about a meaning of life or fear death was too foreign a concept to wrap their minds around, but fortunately Michael rescued me before I had to tell them to read a history book and study science. Also, I didn't want to point out that the newspaper article they were referencing as evidence that scientists believed that the end was nigh was itself referencing the bible when it mentioned the drying-up of the Euphrates river. English was not their native language, so it's no surprise that the sarcasm was lost in translation.

Funniest moment of the week:
Michael-the-fat-bigot compared fat people to pizzas, and described them as being "round-shaped." First of all, round is not a shape. Second of all, can you imagine if people WERE shaped like pizzas and just rolled around everywhere? I laughed for ten minutes.

What have I been eating lately?
Spaghetti Factory (did not disappoint - it was as overpriced and unexciting as expected), Cafe on The Ave (did not disappoint - it was as delicious and friendly-staffed as expected), Triscuit Thin Crisps and tuna.
What have you eaten lately?

Whose style am I crushing on?
Jessie! Lately gal-pal Jessica has been experimenting with various updos, and doing a phenomenal job! I tried this particular style, and though I didn't get mine nearly as neat as she did, it still looked really cute, was super easy to do, and was much cooler and more comfortable than my usual messy bun. You can check out more of her awesome style (fashion and otherwise) at her blog! (Link on left) (Seriously, click, 'tis funny).

What's up next? Michael wants Chipotle for lunch, so we're about to head out. Afterword we will be swinging by Safeway to get some more food. It'll be a good weekend, full of studying and The Office watching. What are our plans?

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