Friday, July 1, 2011


My second week of class was pretty rough, but it got better. Even though I desperately wanted to quit, I kept going and the result is that today went pretty well. I feel like I'm finally starting to catch up with the rest of the class. I was able to translate almost all of my homework Thursday night (the same assignment a week ago took me about 6 hours because I had to look up almost every word), and today in class I was able to actively participate in each task.

Worst moment of the week:
Yesterday I finally persuaded Michael to go downstairs by himself and switch loads of laundry. He's been pretty shy about leaving the room without me unless it's to go to the bathroom or leave the house. Unfortunately, he had a confrontation with a still-unidentified female. Apparently she thought that only I was living here, and snapped at him, telling him it wasn't allowed, etc. He's been depressed enough as it is, and that definitely didn't help. I think he's feeling a bit better today, but I'm still pissed at that girl (whoever the F*CK she was!) and I wish she'd show up again so that I could tell her where to go.

Best moment of the week:
It's a tie!
Yesterday in class Alsu made not one but TWO references to Harry Potter, the best of which was that she said that Putin looked like Dobby. Apparently the likeness became a legal issue a few years ago.
What do you think?

The second best moment was today in class, when I got to choose the name of my team during an in-class competition (which we won). The name? рейтузы - pantaloons.

Strangest moment of the week:
While waiting for Michael after class a young boy (about 13) approached me, followed by 6 - 7 more boys and an older woman with a camera. The young boy asked me if, for a photographic scavenger hunt, he and his team mates could serenade me. Naturally I agreed. The older woman recorded us while they sang Happy Birthday to me. Of course they forgot to ask for my name BEFORE the song, so there's a lengthy pause after "dear" as they looked awkwardly around at each other. Of course I loudly whispered my name to them under my breath. The best part: most of the boys didn't realize that the song was selected at random, and they wished me a happy birthday as they left. I wish I had access to the video!

Funniest moment of the week:
Me: (standing next to Michael) "You gonna play my butt like bongos?"
Michael: (lightly paddling my backside) "I don't know if I'm doing this right."
Me: "I wasn't expecting proper technique..."
Michael: "I didn't know if you wanted Tchaikovsky."
Me: "...Tchaikovsky didn't play bongos, dear."

What have I been eating lately?
Since I'm basically living in a dorm room, but without access to a meal plan, I've had to eat a lot of prepackaged foods and cold cuts. Most noteworthy are: PowerBar triple threat energy bars (SO GOOD!), Ruffles, fun-sized butter fingers, pickles, string cheese, and soft dinner rolls. Also: $5 footlongs from subway (Black Forest ham on white, with Pepper Jack cheese, all vegetables, and some mustard).

What have you eaten lately?

Fact of the day:
Infants can detect emotion in our voices when they are as young as three months old.

Whose style am I crushing on?
Kate Middleton's.
She's so beautiful, classy, and stylish! She has creamy fair skin, stunning bone structure, and I love her style. I feel like she conforms to the standard dress code for political dignitaries without looking like she's copying anyone. Michelle Obama, on the other hand - and please don't read this as "Michelle sucks!" cos I think she's a nice lady - just looks like her stylist wants her to be a black Jackie Kennedy. Hi, we can have MODERN fashion and still look modest and chic. I suppose in either case I'll have to give the credit to their respective stylists (though I read that Kate uses personal shoppers).

He's really good at layering his clothes, and they always fit him well. This is an old photo, but you get the point. I wish I would have taken a pic of his outfit the other day, because he looked so hip!

Honorable Mention:

Jessica Alba.
I'm not a huge fan (not that I dislike her or anything), but how pretty does she look here? The dress is pretty enough on its own, but I think she makes it look even better.

The Fourth!
I have no plans for the holiday weekend. I need to study for a test on Tuesday, and get started on my field bibliography. Michael and I will be making at least one trip to Safeway, but I'm also hoping to stop in at the local IHOP for some funnel cakes!  What are your plans?

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