Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lazy Sunday

I survived! I successfully completed my first year of grad school. The last week was pleasurable, but since all of my finals were lumped together on Thursday and Friday I got a little crazy with the procrastination function on my brain. Rather than work on my 15 page historiography paper Friday afternoon, I played Pokemon on Michael's Game Boy Color. (Nerd.) I'm not sure how well I did on my finals or papers, but it's over now, there's nothing I can do about them, so no worries, right? I should find out tomorrow or Tuesday what my final grades were (hopefully they're no worse than they were last quarter, so that I don't lose my TA position).

Speaking of TA positions, my friend Phil has one as well, and we will both be starting in the Fall. We're going to probably request to share an office. We have a lot of classes together, share the same nerdy humor, and both get frustrated by idiots. The office will probably be in a state of perpetual laid-backness, complete with misuse of department equipment (like Peggle Deluxe on the computers) and an array of unhealthy foods on the bookshelves. WIN!

Great news! I have found subletters for July and August, so that I'm not paying rent on two apartments while I'm in Seattle. And, as Michael has been telling me for several weeks, there was nothing to worry about as regards financial aid: my award was more than sufficient to cover the costs I will incur over the summer, and should allow me to make it until my next paycheck in October. In fact, I got enough money that I should be able to get new glasses, something I should have done a year ago. Whoops!
This is me in my same pair of glasses back in Fall of 2009. They were several months old at the time....

Bad news! My attempts to avoid skin cancer/old-man skin on my chest failed! I bought some super-awesome Nutrogena sunscreen, since I'm always out in the sun nowadays and didn't want to fry my skin. Sunscreens burn me (like, they sting perpetually until I wash/sweat them off), so I figured Nutrogena would be a win. I slathered it on, and it was positively brilliant. It made my skin soft, smooth, and absolutely not greasy. Unfortunately, it made me break out. Badly.

FYI, I am not naked, I simply pulled the straps of my top down. My classmates apparently thought I was naked. I posited to one friend: "So from now on, if I post a totally normal picture of myself with a cute shirt, but you can't see my legs, will you assume I'm not wearing pants?" Eejits.

I broke out all over my chest, arms, shoulders, neck, and face. It's almost cleared up now, but you can be sure I will NOT be using it again - at least not on my chest/face. This is not to bash Nutrogena, either - I've used their products in the past, and they are phenomenal, and I actually highly recommend this product (UltraSheer Sunblock). Just not for people with sensitive skin. 

This week I will be: 
- Turning in my library keys
+ Packing for Seattle
+ Studying the last chapter in my Russian book so that I'm not behind when classes start
+ Helping Sean and Lindsey move into my apartment
+ Winning Pokemon.

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Welcome to the Mango Room said...

Whew, thought you were having a Weiner moment. Good luck with grad school.