Monday, May 23, 2011

...and I will whisper, "No."

Have you ever seen a dorkier smile? Or a more disinterested boyfran?

 The end of the year is nigh. For many this means lounging around in the warm sun, taking advantage of the extended daylight hours and partying...le sigh.

For others this means heightened hysteria, increasingly-overlapping schedules as professors battle for superiority, and only seeing the sun through windows on long days. I'm extremely selfish when it comes to my free time, so you can imagine how grumpy I have been lately when what little free time I have has been spent doing extra assignments (or doing assignments whose due dates have been bumped forward by several days). I've barely had time to go to the bathroom the last few weeks, and profs are demanding that I reschedule my days to accommodate their changes. Fortunately, as the quarter ends next week, I don't think they will have a chance to ask for any more changes. If they do, I will probably just say, "AW HELLZZZZZ ta the NO!"

Some sad news. A few weeks ago our darling Benji Dog got very, very sick. After a week at the vet, he was put to sleep. I am obviously very sad about this, as he was half the reason I went home. It breaks my heart that I will never come home to his frantic little nails clattering on the floor as he raced up to pee with excitement any time I came home.

Rest in peace, The Benji Dog. You will be forever loved and missed.

In happy news, my mom decided to get another Wheaten Terrier. Usually I don't support "replacing" pets, as they can't REALLY be replaced, and half the time you end up hating the other pet because it can't possibly live up to your expectations. However, my mom had been wanting a puppy for a long time, and this particular breed is famous for having all the traits we love in a dog (basically, I don't like dogs, but these are awesome). I'm pretty stoked that she committed - even if it was expensive. Introducing her new pup, Pig Fffffffin:

Yes, that's a reference to Waking Ned Divine, the greatest movie ever made. 

She got off work early to pick him up in Pasco, and I'm anxiously awaiting more pictures. As I can't afford to spend as much money as mom did to get one of these little guys, I am secretly hoping that she won't have time for him and will pass him off to me (a girl can dream, right?!). Some day I'll have a home and enough money to get one. d.

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