Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Master's Degree in Russian History

I have been inundated with literally no comments about my last post, which leaves me with no alternative but to try to be more interesting. Since my digital camera broke, I'm not able to post amazing pictures like everyone else is. I can't even use my phone's camera, because it's awful. But I'll do what I can.

After a casual meeting with one of my favorite professors, Dr. Roxanne Easley, during which I asked a few questions about the Master's program, she instructed me to apply for Winter quarter. Long story short, I am not now only matriculated as a Master's candidate, I found out today that I have received a graduate assistantship position at the library (tuition waiver, health insurance, free access to the student health center, AND a stipend). I begin both school and work in January.

In the meantime I have moved out of 1902 North Walnut, and am temporarily storing my belongings at Katherine & Chuck's apartment (which is in a different unit of the same complex). After a rush job to move out in order to beat a blizzard, and a terrifying drive (mum spun out on the freeway going over the pass, I sobbed hysterically for the rest of the drive), I arrived in Walla Walla Saturday afternoon, where I have been happily stuffing my face with salad and getting over a reasonably benign case of strep throat. All in all, after a bit of a rough patch, the end of this year is going quite well, and I can't wait until the new year begins!