Thursday, September 9, 2010


"New" dishwasher - hooray! The other had a crack between the pump and motor, so every time I ran it there was a steady stream of water pouring out of it. Thanks to the jokers who put in the linoleum in my apartment, all water was successfully diverted away from my kitchen floor - meaning there are about 10 square feet of Garrett's bedroom that were in standing water. From the looks of things, the leak was new and now that we've had fans on in the room for about a week, I think we'll be okay. Poor Garrett has had to deal with the stinky wet-carpet smell, though. YUCK!

I got up early this morning to register for the LSAT (which will be administered on October 9th). Much to my chagrin I discovered that the deadline was not September 9th, but September 7th. I missed the stupid deadline! I knew that late registration was possible, so I didn't panic (though I was annoyed)...until I saw the late registration fee (on top of the $150 for the test): $68! HOLY CRAP that's a lot of money that I don't have! I maintained some hope and checked the law school website for their deadlines. YES!!!!!!! I don't have to take the October LSAT in order to make the application deadline! I can wait to take the December LSAT and still complete my application on time. This is good for two reasons:
1) I don't have to pay 45% more for my test.
2) I now have time to really decide if I want to go to law school. And by that of course I mean I now have time to explain to family and friends why I don't want to go!!

At the moment I'm applying to jobs in Ellensburg (everyone's been complaining about how bad the economy is, but I didn't really realize how right they were until about a week ago!), looking forward to Oktoberfest next weekend (I haven't seen my dad or Rosemary since graduation, and before that I hadn't seen them since mid-December!), and patiently waiting for classes to start. I've had many things to be grateful for this year, and have many hopes for the next. Life isn't perfect, but it's not all bad either. :)