Monday, August 30, 2010


Two weekends spent with Owen! He had last Sunday off so he came up Saturday night, we went to Yakima to buy him some school clothes (so fun!), then he left early Monday morning. He had this weekend off again (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and came up Friday night, and we spent the whole weekend eating good food and watching fun movies. He'd never seen the Back to the Future trilogy (say WHAT?!), so we watched those, Back to the Future, Inglourious Basterds, Kinky Boots, Waking Ned Divine, and....something else I think but I can't remember. He had to leave early this morning, but it was an amazing weekend. The best part of it was, obviously, Owen. He is such a cool friend. I've met a lot of neat people in my life, and have made a lot of friends recently, but rarely have I met someone that I felt such an instant affinity with. I feel like I've known him all my life! We get along so well, most of the credit going to him and his insanely sweet temper. He never has a negative thing to say about anybody (except advertising people, but that's another story!), and he is always happy. I learn a lot from him.

Since this is a pseudo-food blog (Awkward Spooning, get it?) here's a recap of what I ate:

Sunday, August 22nd. 
IHOP: onion rings, orange juice
Morelli's: lobster fettuccine with Italian ham and sweet peas

Saturday, August 28th
McDonald's: Southwestern Chicken Salad with crispy chicken, fries, root beer,
Taco Bell: crunchy tacos, root beer

Sunday, August 29th
The Yellow Church Cafe: tomato bisque with "heavenly loaf" garlic cheese bread, roobteer, and salad with house Mandarin vinaigrette and root beer
McDonald's: Southwestern Chicken Salad with crispy chicken, fries, root beer, Oreo McFlurry
The Valley Cafe: House salad with balsamic vinaigrette, lamb gnocchi, bread with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic and basil. Crème brûlée.

I feel guilty for spending so much money on food - both Owen and I need to be budgeting for school, but Owen likes to spend money, I like food, and we both like to explore new places, so we just went with it. I will definitely be cooking from now on, though - even McDonald's isn't that cheap anymore!

The weather here has turned Fall-like. The sky is currently extremely menacing, it's about 60 degrees, and I'm running the heat. Summertime was not nearly long enough for me, but I will make the most of the changing seasons and not lament the lack of sun. Most of my clothes are cold-weather clothes, so now I get to wear much cuter outfits. I LOVE SCARVES! I also love food - I haven't eaten much this summer because I have no appetite when I'm hot, so I'm excited to finally "crave" things again!