Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I guess I just had it coming.

I was cooking dinner with my brother tonight, when I received a notification on my phone that I had a new email. It was from one Angeline Hoyer, subject "You :D" and here it is, copied/pasted unaltered:

angeline hoyer to me
show details 9:24 PM (26 minutes ago)
i'm just dropping you a little note to tell you a few things.

1. you're not that hot. stop taking pictures of yourself. in fact, i think your forehead looks downright weird
2. the reason you've never had a boyfriend is because you're weird. also- note point #1
3. you think you're really smart. to be honest, people like you are called 'know-it-alls' aka 'annoying'
4. nobody cares about your life
5. your facade of 'i'm so cool and happy and finally figured my life out' is totally see-through.
6. i bet you're a really annoying stoner

k, that's all! toodles, mate

I was crushed and shaken (and am still shaking). I have no idea who this individual is, where this person found me (must be from here), or what I did to cross this person to warrant such an email. Apparently, since I'm a "weird," "really annoying stoner" who wears a "facade" (intended to cover up my "downright weird" forehead, but which is "totally see-through" and thus fails utterly), so I guess I just had it coming.

I should be flattered that I'm "StarStudded" enough to receive hate mail. Angeline, fuck "You :D"