Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

Thursday morning my roommates and I got up at just-after-4 a.m. to drive to Yakima. Katherine and I dropped Chuck off at the airport so that he could fly to South Carolina for his sister Wendy's graduation from Army basic training. Friday saw Katherine and I going about our lives as normal, until 10 PM rolled around and Katherine wanted a sandwich. She can't eat sandwiches without honey mustard, so off we went in search of a bottle. The shop across the street didn't have any, so we drove across town to Super 1. Nothing too exciting happened....other than seeing a hot dog cart called Hot Diggity Dog. Katherine and I laughed so hard we were in tears and she was swerving all over the road. I didn't get a picture because it was dark and my phone doesn't have a zoom function, but I assure you it was the most awesome hot dog cart you've ever seen.

Saturday Katherine and I drove to Tacoma to pick Chuck up from SeaTac airport, after which we drove to Ivar's in Seattle for lunch. Thanks to the amazing technology known as GPS turn-by-turn navigational systems, which re-route every time you drive through an intersection, we ended up finding Ivars using nothing but my pretty kick-arse sense of direction...which perhaps is not so kick-arse, as I ended up DRIVING Pike Street Markets. On Easter Saturday. It took us probably 15 or 20 minutes to drive 0.4 miles. Oh well, it was beautiful and I don't mind driving in traffic. We had a few stressful moments at Ivars, which I won't relate here to spare us all from embarrassment, then we drove home.

Sunday I woke up to text messages from friends and family, wishing me Happy Easter. I also got rather desperate messages from my mate Anthony, begging me to come to his Easter Sunday Brunch Party. After harassing my roommates into going, we got ready, packed up some food, and drove across campus to Anthony's. Katherine and Chuck didn't have much fun (they've spent perhaps a little too much time together playing WoW), but Anthony enjoyed the company. Katherine cooked some AMAZING scrambled eggs, I showed Anthony that it IS possible to properly cook an entire pack of bacon in a small pan, and Chuck sat bored and out of place through it all. Oh well, I got a delicious hug from Anthony, and a few compliments from his attractive roommate. Plus, it got us all out of the durn house.

I'd post pictures but I already put them on Facebook, and that's pretty much the end of my boring-ass post. I'll take some proper pictures of my apartment sometime this week after I FINALLY GET MY ROOMMATES TO PUT THE REST OF THEIR STUFF AWAY! :)