Thursday, April 1, 2010

Already April!

It's already the end of my last first week of college (for real this time!) and I've had a fantastic week. The weather here has been beautiful, though a bit cold. I got up at 4 this morning to get Chuck to the airport in Yakima (his sister is graduating from Army basic training so he went off to see her), and it was frosty. Fortunately it has warmed up nicely. Unfortunately it's windy. Nevertheless, I'm going to have a hard time leaving Ellensburg, but I suppose if I find a job and have something to busy myself with I will be happy. My classes are wonderful, I'm beyond thrilled to be back studying history, and I love walking to campus with my sister. Having roommates is a bounding success so far. We all contribute to dish cleaning and cooking (communal dinners are now standard), grocery shopping, and fun having. What I love most about my new roommates is that they pretty much leave me the hell alone. I get to watch movies online, eat dinner (which occasionally I didn't have to cook), and get to shop with companions. Awesome.

In lieu of updated images (since my roommates pretty much stopped putting things away once the internet was hooked up and enabled them to get back to World of Warcraft and I therefore have no updated images), I give thee Robot Unicorn Attack. Awesome.

Have a fantastical weekend.