Saturday, March 27, 2010


Katherine and Chuck got in at a little after 2 a.m. Wednesday morning. We went to breakfast at about 10 (every step of the way Katherine was Oohing and Aahing over how nice everyone was and how beautiful the sunshine is), then spent the rest of the day and night unpacking. We took a short break to eat at Wing Central, the sports bar across the street, and to get a few perishable goods from Super One, then got home and the process continued. Since they'd spent days before they left packing up and cleaning, and since I started the cleaning/rearranging process in my own apartment as soon as I got up Monday morning, it was nice to finally get everything moved and unpacked Thursday evening so that yesterday we could have a day off. I have to say, as excited as I am to have roommates, I'm still pretty bummed I spent my Spring Break doing nothing but manual labor.

There's still some sorting and tidying to do, but for the most part we're good to go. I worked a miracle on the kitchen, we got the living room (which is absolutely massive) arranged, and I have all of my furniture in my room. Kat and Chuck are a bit crowded (mostly because they both have desks and they have a LOT of clothes yet to put away) but we're all pretty comfortable. When Garrett gets here it will be a bit of a tight fit, but we don't mind close quarters, so it's still good.

Yesterday my friend Anthony wanted to meet up for pizza. Since I'd just finished making myself sick to the point of needing to purge from eating Oreos literally the moment before he sent me the text, I told him I wasn't hungry, but asked if he wanted to meet up with me and my roommates on campus. Chuck decided not to go, so Katherine and Anthony and I explored a bit. It was pretty fun. We had the geology/physics departments all to ourselves, which meant Shennanigans --> video .

Next week we'll get them signed onto the lease (and also put in a work order since my oven/range doesn't really work), utilities, etc. Oh, we have internet, through which connection I am blogging.

The alternator in my car died. Fortunately, with the money I'm saving by having roommates, and my budgeting skills over the past few months, I can afford to replace it along with my tires, break pads, timing belt, and wiper blades. I'm sure there are a few other things that need to be fixed, but I should have no problem replacing those too. My car's held up pretty well considering how many miles I have put on it since I got it. There were about 100,000 on it initially (it's a '94), and now I think it's well over 160,0000 (I got it in April of 2007) so I've rapidly put some serious wear and tear on it. I drive it way too fast, drove over a bolder after Christmas, and go double the time I should between oil changes, so the fact that it's made it this long is a miracle. I'm excited to finally give it some love, because it deserves it. :)