Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pre-pre-Halloween Party at Radio Haus

First off, let me just say that as I was about to leave for the party I dropped my beloved Cannon Powershot lens-down on the carpet and it is now defunct. I can't even think about it or I'll start crying. Photo credits to Lauren!

I've never been to a Halloween party before, so to say I was excited about the Pre-pre-Halloween Party at Radio Haus (my friend Clayton's awesome pad) is a gross understatement. I plotted my costume for WEEKS and, though I was slightly disappointed with the end result (because I couldn't find a stinking silver Sharpie pen to make my mask accurate) no one at the party seemed to be. In fact, everyone absolutely flipped. Why? Because R2D2 is everybody's favorite droid!

When I initially told Clayton that I was going as R2, he was skeptical and thought it would be stupid. But I'm awesomer than your average Party Person and when he saw what I'd come up with, he personally helped me duct tape on my "feet." Everyone laughed at how silly I was (since the only white outfit I owned is the above frilly dress, I decided to just go girly and do a masquerade-type mask instead of strapping it to my head with a cotton headband!), but I can't emphasize enough how thrilled the other party people were to see R2D2. Having said that, though, they weren't nearly as thrilled to see my costume as I was to wear it (even though Clay taped the left "foot" on crooked, I kept tripping over it, nearly fell over several times trying to dance, and kept scraping other peoples' feet and ankles with them.)

That's a maskless R2 and to my immediate right is Brigid, who is amazing and confident and I'm completely in girl-love with her. She's a bio/pre-med major, and the most voluptuous, smart, witty, funny, loving girl I've ever met in my life. She brings out the best in me. Though apparently not the best faces, cos I look dumb in the above photo.... Siiiigh, Cannon!

The party was awesome, I had a blast and made lots of friends. I was planning to give a play-by-play recap, but the night was....different. I've never been social, even though I've tried to go to a few parties this year. However, last night (thanks to Brigid, and, I confess, a few shots of liquor, but really mostly thanks to Brigid) I was a completely different person. Well, really I was still Valry, only I was not a shy or insecure Valry. I was just me, and apparently just me is awesome! I only partied for about three hours, but they were the most exciting, active, fun hours of my life. A gay couple fell completely in love with me (thanks, R2!), I danced with some hot girls, some hot guys, some even hotter guys-dressed-as-girls (You may have heard about the incident involving some Freshmen Wildcats and Four Lokos: well, a whole group of people, including several men, showed up as "the Roslyn girls" looking trashy and drinking Four Lokos. Yessssssss we're a classy, reverent bunch!). I made lots of new friends, had the most delicious conversation with Brigid, hid in several rooms whilst waiting for the cops to issue a noise violation warning to our generous hosts (after which everyone was too scared to dance until we realized that the majority of the noisy kids - the minors - had fled the house when the cops showed up, and we therefore had an empty dance floor again!), and had an all-out awesome time.

By the end of the night I was so exhausted that I got sick (yes, it was exhaustion, and not alcohol - I promise!). I quite literally bolted from the house, lips tingling, limbs numb, gagging and staggering around the block away from prying eyes. I did manage to NOT throw up, though I was close enough to doing so that I'll say that I did, but that I'm so awesome I managed to throw up without throwing up! I got home and took a long shower, then went to bed. I fell asleep fairly quickly, but I was so exhausted that when I awoke randomly at 4 this morning it took me nearly two hours to go back to sleep (err...I realize that probably makes no sense, unless you too struggle to fall asleep when you're at your most tired). I got a few more hours in before getting up around noon (I'd been awake since 9:40 or so but felt too lousy to get up), and have spent the day feeling HORRIBLE. Let this be a warning to party people: Drink lots of water and eat more than two small meals during the day, otherwise you'll feel as crappy as you would with a hangover.

If more pictures emerge I'll post them, and will possibly give slightly more detail than I have provided above.

Another small bit of news: I've contacted the registrars and financial aid office to get myself sorted out, and if I can get my financial aid back, I'll be starting classes again in January. What a miserable two months this has been - I hope the next two are slightly less so.

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