Tuesday, August 3, 2010


After a brief break because I hate the online social networking culture of pseudo-celebrity for maintenance, I am back online and ready to go. My Facebook and Myspace accounts will not be back online, however.

So now I will update you on the goings-on and future goings-on of my boring life while I listen to the most boring  music   known to mankind! And by boring I mean awesome!

Summer quarter is over, and I'm registered for Fall: American Foreign Relations Since 1941, French 151, and German 151 (for which I am currently wait-listed). I'll be taking French with Katherine, which is very exciting!

My friend Bennie (BENNIE! BENNIE! BENNIE and the Jeeeeeeets!) moved out of his apartment and into a house about a mile south of campus, and just before he went back to Seattle to be with his lady, he invited Garrett and me over to get acquainted with it. In a nutshell, it's going to be the new Base of Operations for our little group of friends. Lots of BBQs and formal dinner parties will take place at 408 S. Pine, I assure you.

I'm going home for the first time in months because my cousin Danny is coming up to his mum's for about a week. I do love my cousin Danny! We'll spend most of our time cooking, working on his house in Walla Walla (just a few blocks from my mum's house - I still haven't seen it!) and eating. Although the bulk of our efforts will undoubtedly go into making liege waffles (I'm going to attempt to get him to be more patient with the dough, so that it rises properly), I've requested that we attempt making croissants as well. We're both huge fans (I love them toasted and drizzled with maple frosting), but neither of us has ever attempted to make them. I intend to first get used to working with yeast by making a loaf of bread. The one "type" of food I've never attempted is bread. I can hardly believe I typed that!

I will also be attempting to make  this recipe while I'm at home in preparation for when I get back to "The Burg" because my friend Clayton   will be back from Wisconsin. (YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). We've got a date to "float  the Yak " and I imagine this date will end up the same as every other friend-couple's date with the river goes: with half of the school floating along with them.  Owen is going to try to come over from  Pullman to float it with us. I believe Katherine and Chuck and Garrett will be joining us, and I'm hoping that Ben and his lady Kalila will make it over from Seattle. If everyone is cool with it, I will probably go ahead and invite other Ellensburgers (like  Anthony ). Mum said that I could borrow her raft for it and everything! I don't think it will hold all (enter total number of people who will show up here) of us and all their beer gear, but it should at least hold me which, given how much I love being in water, is all I'm really concerned about.

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