Friday, June 18, 2010

Life Goes On

So my week off of school went tolerably well. I start school again on Monday. I'm only taking one class (American History through film), which brother Garrett is also taking. I am looking forward to being in classes again - yes, even having 9 days off from classes is enough to send me through withdrawals.

Speaking of withdrawals, I've been suffering serious pangs now that my new mates are gone for the summer. Ben is here and there, so I will see him from time to time over the next few weeks, but Clayton won't get back until the middle of August, and Jer won't be back until classes start up again in September. In order to keep myself busy - and pay for school - I'm attempting to get a job. It makes it tough since my car is dead, but I'll make it happen.

My summer plans have all gone out the window, since I'm sans vehicle, but I think I will be able to go visit my mate Rian in Pendleton over Independence Day Weekend. Other than that I'll probably just be here in "the Burg" studying and wasting time with Garrett (and hopefully working part time). Once Jer and Ben and Clayton are back I will be barring and dancing and floating in rivers, singing, cooking, maybe road tripping. w00t!

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