Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I guess I just had it coming.

I was cooking dinner with my brother tonight, when I received a notification on my phone that I had a new email. It was from one Angeline Hoyer, subject "You :D" and here it is, copied/pasted unaltered:

angeline hoyer to me
show details 9:24 PM (26 minutes ago)
i'm just dropping you a little note to tell you a few things.

1. you're not that hot. stop taking pictures of yourself. in fact, i think your forehead looks downright weird
2. the reason you've never had a boyfriend is because you're weird. also- note point #1
3. you think you're really smart. to be honest, people like you are called 'know-it-alls' aka 'annoying'
4. nobody cares about your life
5. your facade of 'i'm so cool and happy and finally figured my life out' is totally see-through.
6. i bet you're a really annoying stoner

k, that's all! toodles, mate

I was crushed and shaken (and am still shaking). I have no idea who this individual is, where this person found me (must be from here), or what I did to cross this person to warrant such an email. Apparently, since I'm a "weird," "really annoying stoner" who wears a "facade" (intended to cover up my "downright weird" forehead, but which is "totally see-through" and thus fails utterly), so I guess I just had it coming.

I should be flattered that I'm "StarStudded" enough to receive hate mail. Angeline, fuck "You :D"


Tyler and Carisa said...

Oh my goodness! How crazy is that?! It's obvious that this person knows nothing about you because if she did she'd never have written any of that.

Maybe you should think about going private.?

V^e said...

Apparently this human being is a "friend" with me on Facebook. Why this person keeps me on his/her friends list if they feel this way is beyond me. Why go through the work of reading everything I write, looking at all my pictures, and wasting time on an email? It saddens me so much that someone would not only be that mean but would put so much effort into it. Obviously this person shares none of the qualities listed, so he/she probably has something more important he/she should be attending to......