Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone, a book on tape.

Links NSFW

If you are a fan of Harry Potter* and humor, and do not mind "sultry language," then boy do I have a treat for you. Dan Nealy, the genius behind this "historical" gem , recorded a humorous audio track which syncs up with the first Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone. I highly recommend the experience (though, if one is familiar with the film one does not necessarily need to watch it, and can instead play the audio track as "a book on tape").

* You actually don't have to be an HP fan. Garrett HATES Harry Potter, but laughed his bum off (to the point where he spent about a solid minute doubled over in seizures of guffaws) and then quoted from it all day.

P.S. I believe I have discovered the identity of my "secret admirer," and have removed that individual from my Facebook friends list. This individual is, actually, crazy.

P.P.S. If you are into period drama, I recommend you watch the 2006 version of Jane Eyre. I had never bothered watching it because I judged the actors by their appearances. Well, that's not entirely true. I'd been exposed to earlier adaptations of the story and thought it was the worst story ever published (and that the adaptations were so awful I was embarrassed to admit I'd seen them), and thus used an easy and obvious excuse not to watch the 2006 version: the actors had an ill-favored look about them which would make watching even worse than earlier versions (I got sucked into the 1983 version because of Timothy Dalton). Both lead actors were amazing, and there were some seriously steamy (but still Mommy-Daughter Date appropriate) scenes. Instantly one of my favorite costume dramas, I'd sooner watch it than Pride & Prejudice. :O

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I guess I just had it coming.

I was cooking dinner with my brother tonight, when I received a notification on my phone that I had a new email. It was from one Angeline Hoyer, subject "You :D" and here it is, copied/pasted unaltered:

angeline hoyer to me
show details 9:24 PM (26 minutes ago)
i'm just dropping you a little note to tell you a few things.

1. you're not that hot. stop taking pictures of yourself. in fact, i think your forehead looks downright weird
2. the reason you've never had a boyfriend is because you're weird. also- note point #1
3. you think you're really smart. to be honest, people like you are called 'know-it-alls' aka 'annoying'
4. nobody cares about your life
5. your facade of 'i'm so cool and happy and finally figured my life out' is totally see-through.
6. i bet you're a really annoying stoner

k, that's all! toodles, mate

I was crushed and shaken (and am still shaking). I have no idea who this individual is, where this person found me (must be from here), or what I did to cross this person to warrant such an email. Apparently, since I'm a "weird," "really annoying stoner" who wears a "facade" (intended to cover up my "downright weird" forehead, but which is "totally see-through" and thus fails utterly), so I guess I just had it coming.

I should be flattered that I'm "StarStudded" enough to receive hate mail. Angeline, fuck "You :D"

Friday, June 18, 2010

Life Goes On

So my week off of school went tolerably well. I start school again on Monday. I'm only taking one class (American History through film), which brother Garrett is also taking. I am looking forward to being in classes again - yes, even having 9 days off from classes is enough to send me through withdrawals.

Speaking of withdrawals, I've been suffering serious pangs now that my new mates are gone for the summer. Ben is here and there, so I will see him from time to time over the next few weeks, but Clayton won't get back until the middle of August, and Jer won't be back until classes start up again in September. In order to keep myself busy - and pay for school - I'm attempting to get a job. It makes it tough since my car is dead, but I'll make it happen.

My summer plans have all gone out the window, since I'm sans vehicle, but I think I will be able to go visit my mate Rian in Pendleton over Independence Day Weekend. Other than that I'll probably just be here in "the Burg" studying and wasting time with Garrett (and hopefully working part time). Once Jer and Ben and Clayton are back I will be barring and dancing and floating in rivers, singing, cooking, maybe road tripping. w00t!

Friday, June 11, 2010


I just got home from my last final of my (first) undergraduate career. I put that little sucker to bed.

Of course I had another study session with my mates last night. Our intentions were honorable: we showed up at the library at 6:00 for the scheduled study session with the rest of our class. I showed up with every intention of filling in my notes and getting my essays organized. Instead, the administrator of said study group decided not to make an appearance, so I spent about two hours with David, Ben, and Jer joking around (mostly making fun of another student in the class who is, by all means, an unfortunate human being) while we occasionally tried to focus. I finally suggested we go to the bar again, since we were clearly disrupting other students with our shenanigans. We spent several more hours at The Tav, and managed to jot down a few details about the ID terms. Bar kitchens shut down at 10 apparently, so by the time I was so desperately hungry I actually wanted to buy food we were forced to leave The Tav in search of sustenance.

At Ben's suggestion we ventured across town to Saks, (with me driving Jer's huge SUV and singing to NIN when I wasn't being crooned by Jeremy's singing along to country music or porn rap) a kick-ass 24-hour diner at a truck stop. I got a club sandwich (SO good, I was SO happy) and we spent another several hours joking around and generally not studying. As we were incapable of focusing even after acquiring our feed, we met up before our final this morning for a final "prep" session. You can do the math to figure out how that went. (Awesome!)

I wanted to walk out with Jer as usual, so after I finished my final I sat around doodling for a few minutes. I needed to use the loo, however, so I decided to just hand in my final and then wait for him on the couches. After a 5-second internal debate about whether or not I wanted to wait and then go to the bathroom, I trotted down to the second floor for a quick bathroom break. I returned to the third floor, where Jeremy joined me within two minutes. As we walked out of the building (lauding ourselves for having completed our degrees), me on the left, Jer on the right, he noticed that P (P from the last post) was lurking off to my left. Looking at me. Apparently as soon as I left the room after the final P immediately got up and handed his in. I was so glad that I'd decided to tinkle instead of holding it as I normally would have! When it gets to the point where other people are noticing - and are uncomfortable with - another person's behavior I definitely have cause for concern.

So I walk tomorrow, and I'm not really looking forward to it because I hate the stress of trying to coordinate everything (both with myself and with my family), and I don't want to look like a fool in front of everyone...... But it's an accomplishment that I think I'm allowed to be proud of, so I will make the most of it.

It seems like every hour of every day gives me more reasons to be happy about staying here. I'm having a blast and learning so much about life and about myself. I'm glad I live in a time and place where I can continue my education and not sell myself short as I nearly did. How fortunate am I that, after discovering "too late" what is important I discovered an alternate route in life that gave me a second chance?

Oh....and remember Owen? He got the letter I wrote him, wrote back, and added me on Facebook. Life is so bizarro.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

hair did, possibly death

Whenever I tell people I need to get my hair did they inevitably say "Why, it looks fine?" or "No, you don't, it looks really cute." First of all, I'm pretty sure they're lying their filthy guts right out. Second, if they aren't lying it's because I've spent a good 45 minutes shellacking my hair into something resembling a presentable coiffure, so they are incapable of actually seeing what my wig looks like in its natural state.

As you may recall, I whacked all of my hair off (all of it) on New Year's Eve. As you also may recall, I have not done anything else to it since then, with the exception of getting the very ends trimmed up a little bit a few weeks ago by my marmee. Because of it's overgrown state, this is the best I could do with my hair.

But, with some polishing up and a light dusting of this magic powder

my hair now looks like this

Tada! taDA! Tada forever! Now I'm all ready to graduate on Saturday. If I can only make it through finals.....

Now, onto something way the heck less awesome. Last year when I was living alone I met a guy who I will refer to as P. P was tall and awkward and quiet and shy, so being the once-shy-Mormon girl that I am, I made a point to always include him in conversations and say hello whenever I saw him. We'd discussed getting together and watching movies, and while I genuinely wanted to watch movies with him, I was so busy (18 upper division history credits, as you may recall) that I didn't have time to fit him into my schedule. After the quarter ended I didn't see him again, and though he called me up, I felt a little unsure about having him over. I lived alone, and whenever I was around him I got the feeling that he might have a crush on me - and not wanting to crush him, I decided it might be best if I did not spend time with him outside of class.
PRESENT DAY: This quarter I have one class with P. He sits in the corner opposite me. At the beginning of the quarter we crossed paths as I was leaving my classes and I therefore have a rough idea that his schedule is similar to mine, but that his class (on Tuesdays/Thursdays) begins quite a while after mine ends. Slowly I began to see him more and more, and one day as I was leaving class he was walking in front of me. I'd never noticed him walking my direction before, but figured he was going to a friend's house, or had parked in the lot near the stadium (which is about a block from my apartment). This continued, and I always kept my distance because, again, I was a little uncomfortable about him mistaking my genuinely caring and friendly nature for more than that.
One day, however, he stopped to put his sweatshirt on. I could tell by the way he was walking that he was aware that I was behind him, and figured he was using it as an excuse to stop and talk to me. Since he seems shy, etc, I assumed he was just too nervous to speak to me before or after class because I am usually talking to other students. I was my usual friendly self, and we walked about 1/4 of a mile to the intersection, where he went to the right and I continued onward toward my apartment. He's an intelligent, friendly guy, so it wasn't complete torture, though I was concerned that he might ask me if I wanted to watch movies with him. A few days later, he called me up and asked me if I'd like to study for our midterm together - a phone call I never returned.
I successfully managed to evade him for most of the quarter, though he always walked in front of me and I could, again, tell that he was aware that I was behind him. I also began to see him more and more on Tuesdays and Thursdays, though he never spoke to me because I was with my mate Jer. A few weeks ago he sat next to me on the chairs as we were all waiting for class to start (and interrupted the conversation I was having with Clayton and Jeremy), and I did my best to keep my responses brief and focus my attention on my mates. For some reason it made me really uncomfortable that he sat next to me, and even more uncomfortable when last Tuesday he stopped on the sidewalk, turned around, and waited for me to catch up to him. Again, I was just my friendly self, but I was not at all comfortable. My discomfort did not wane and my radars went off when, at the intersection where we'd parted ways before, he continued on with me toward my apartment.
"What are you doing?" I asked. "Aren't you supposed to go that way?" I gestured in another direction down the street.
"Just feel like going this way today."
"You're gonna get rained on!" I said, nodding toward the heavy, black rainclouds looming to our immediate left.
"It's okay, I'm from the West Side (meaning the rainy Seattle area)."
He continued to walk with me, and I tried to remain calm and friendly, but I intentionally did not hint that my apartment complex was coming up. I waited until we were literally at the entrance, and allowed him to walk a little farther ahead before I turned abruptly, said a cool "See ya!" and nearly ran across the parking lot to my unit.
I was angry at myself for being so weirded out by this. After all, I've always been on friendly terms with P, and have not had any problem the last few weeks when Jeremy has taken me home. Some days he and I would walk to his car and he'd drive me home, other days he'd walk me part way to my apartment and we'd part ways about halfway down the road so that he could walk to the parking lot to his car.
Last Wednesday we did just that. We walked on the side of the road opposite where I usually walk, and ahead (on my usual side) I noticed P walking back toward campus. I somewhat-jokingly told Jer that I thought that P was following me, that I'd seen him around a lot more than usual, and that he regularly pretended to have an excuse to stop and talk to me. I mentioned that P had even followed me to my apartment complex. Jer encouraged me to gesticulate wildly and pretend that he and I were having a very serious conversation so as to discourage P from following through with any intention of crossing the street to talk to me. I shared with Jer that I was a bit irritated and starting to grow concerned at this point. Why was P walking back toward campus? Jer and I were leaving our building about 15 minutes later than usual because we'd made plans with some friends to meet up for a study group. I told Jer that it looked like P was doubling back over my usual route in hopes of running into me. Although I then tried to calm myself and think reasonably (perhaps P forgot his sweatshirt in the building?), Jer took me seriously enough to walk with me a little farther than usual to make sure I was safe.
Thursday, Jer and I left class immediately after it was out, and though we were at first going to walk my route down the street, I noticed P again off to my right coming toward me, alerted Jer, and we both immediately veered the other direction so that we could walk to his car instead. I was mostly irritated because I was getting kind of sick of having to avoid P (who, while nice, seems pretty interested in me while I am not at all interested in even hanging out with him), and I again just laughed it off with Jer. I immediately had forgotten all about it until Friday afternoon when Katherine and I were walking home after her class and I began relaying to her my irritation and discomfort. I told her that I had chastised myself for being hypocritical - why was it okay for one friend to walk me home but not another? Katherine told me that we had "those feelings" for a reason and not to ignore them.
As soon as she said that I answered my own question. I felt uncomfortable walking with P because he was not my friend. He was not approaching me in class to say hello, we were not exiting the building together as buddies: he was waiting for me on an empty street, and accompanying me without encouragement to my apartment.

And then I realized: Oh my God, he is following me!

I realized that I actually knew where he lived: he'd told me last year he lived in on-campus housing, and earlier this quarter I had noticed him leaving the dorms when Chuck and Katherine and I were making our way back from the park one day, dorms which were located on the completely opposite side of campus. He's been going out of his way every day, an extra 2 miles at least. OF COURSE! All the pieces started to fall into place! At the beginning of the quarter when we had first crossed paths he had been coming from the direction perpendicular to where I was walking. How many days - this quarter and all last year - had he seen me walking down the street? I had even told him - roughly - where I lived, had talked about how I lived alone!

I relayed all of this to my siblings so that they'd be on the look out, so that they'd be prepared in case P showed up at the door. Garrett told me to start taking different ways home - but I had already kind of done that by going with Jeremy. And although I can leave the L&L building from a different door, there's ultimately only one way to get to my apartment complex - and he now knows where that is. I'm trying to stay calm and be rational: It could all be a coincidence; even though he's about 6'5" and twice my mass, unless he wants to just stab me out in the open, it would be pretty hard for him to kidnap me when he's on foot; maybe he really is just a nice guy who is too shy to approach me in public. But it's a lot of very specific coincidences. He could still drag me behind a bush or car and assault me, or follow me to my apartment and try to attack me here. He's not only talked to me in public, but interrupted my conversation with others in order to do so. I'm already hyper vigilant about this kind of situation to begin with, and having enough evidence to confirm my subconscious suspicions puts me on edge! If I run into him again I may have to confront him about it. "Don't you live on the other side of campus?" "Why are you walking this direction if it adds another 2 miles?" "Maybe you should try walking around campus instead." and if he doesn't take the hint maybe I'll be a little more direct: "If you walk this direction, please do not walk with me, it makes me uncomfortable."

Totally. Creepy.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Not at all worth mentioning before.....

Well I was going to wait until everything was settled before making an announcement, but apparently it's impossible to keep news to oneself in my family.

When I went in to speak with Dr. Moore a few weeks ago I told him that I wasn't sure I was a good candidate for a master's in history because I didn't know what I wanted to focus my research on. I told him that all I really wanted to do was take more classes, to study more history. He sympathized and encouraged me to just go to law school next fall. As I walked home from campus I looked something like this .

Since I have made friends - very, very good friends - and absolutely love Ellensburg (except for wintertime) and my little school, I was pained to the point of feeling constantly ill at the prospect of having to leave. At the encouragement of my new friends, I decided to apply to school despite the fact that I've missed every single deadline and haven't taken the GRE. However, when I went to the application page I discovered something even better: exactly what I wanted.

I've applied as a post-baccalaureate student to start summer quarter (a week after graduation). This just means that I will be using up the remainder of the undergraduate financial aid for which I am eligible to take more classes, possibly study abroad, and possibly complete a second bachelor's degree. Instead of wasting away in Walla Walla and/or Mt. Angel I'll be doing what I'm good at: studying. I get to stay here in Ellensburg, take all the classes I want from all the profs I love alongside my new friends. I will get to goof off, go on road trips, stay out way too late, fall asleep on a stranger's couch, probably get into some trouble, and, for the first time in my life, really get to spend time with my friends.....rather than just make them, then leave and never see them again. It means that instead of applying to law schools and painstakingly choosing which to go to next year, I will get to apply to law schools and have reasons for the decisions I make. It means if I decide to go to a local school it won't be because I'm pathetic and wistful, it will be because I have friends who love me and want me around. That's a pretty damn good feeling.

This last year has been pretty crazy for me. While the majority of it has been really bad it has taught me a lot of good. I have learned so much and having so much fun that it's truly overwhelming me. I've actually suffered quite severe short-term memory loss as a result. For example:

Wednesday was our last day of class for my Russian Far East history class. Both of my mates (Jeremy and Clayton) are in that class. After we got out Clayton was waiting for me outside the door (something he has done every class for several weeks now....and I'm not sure why, since I've been sitting next to him - why not just wait with me?). Jer also puttered around, and after a few minutes of goofing off it was decided that we'd meet up at The Tav to study for our final. Jer picked me up and we met up with several guys from class, and studied hard for two+ hours. Obviously by studying I mean they all got drunk and we talked about nonsense. Clayton gave me several cuddly hugs (this guy's hugs are the most sinful thing I've ever experienced and he doesn't even try), Jer was his usual naughty self (it's so nice to have someone who shares my inappropriate sense of humor!), and all was grand. Near the end we decided we might actually want to study together at some point, and exchanged contact information. As Jer started writing down his name I noticed that he was left handed and flipped right the heck out. "You're left handed?! How come I didn't know you were left handed?!!!! Did I know you are left handed?" He laughed, but confessed that he wasn't sure if I did know or not. We've spent a lot of time together the last few weeks, studying and sitting together in class, so it seemed like it's something I should have known.

And I did.

Around 3 a.m. yesterday morning as I was trying desperately to fall asleep I remembered that every single day in class Jeremy hunts down the left-handed desk in the room (there's only one available). It had become a major event to look forward too, as he craned his neck wildly in search of the desk. For weeks - months - I have sat behind him, watching him search for the desk, acquisition the desk (which requires him to lift one desk and haul it across the room, pick up the left-hander, then carry that back across to the position in front of me), and then lounge comfortably on his left arm while he's supposed to take notes.

Wednesday was one of the best days I have ever had in my entire life - possibly the best day ever. Yesterday was a pretty close second. Jer drove me home after class, and Clayton - who is working in Wisconsin this summer - swung by my apartment on his way out of town just to give me a hug and say goodbye. It's so nice to have met new friends who love me as much as my old friends (and my family!) do. I am so glad that life has balanced out for me. The last year - this last winter in particular - was one of the hardest in my life. I think I've learned that it's okay for me to be happy, that I'm allowed to take more than just what's left over. I'm really looking forward to the next year. Who knows what I'll be blogging about then?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

sneak peak

It's almost the final final countdown. For this degree anyway. In two weeks I graduate cum laude (denoted by the red tassel which clashes magnificently with my crimson cap and gown) from Central Washington University with a BA in history. My mate Jer made me go get my regalia with him today after class and on our walk back across campus he turned to me with this big grin on his face and said "You're gonna put all that on when you get home, aren't you?" The thought had honestly not crossed my mind, but obviously once he said he was going to I had to do it, too. (He took a picture of himself with his silver magna cum laude tassel as well as his diploma frame with dual slots for his degrees in history and political science.)

Jer is one of my new friends here at Central. Yes, leave it to me to wait until halfway through my last quarter to make real friends and start socializing. Jeremy is brilliant, generous, friendly, and encourages me to do what makes me happy, even if it isn't challenging or impressive. I've taken his advice, and therefore I have some fairly big (though probably not surprising) info to share about how I will be spending the next year of my life before I go to grad school, but I will leave that post for another day. (I'm not dating, engaged, married, or pregnant, but it is still pretty fun.)