Monday, March 15, 2010

It is, once again, the final countdown. I have a crush.

It's finals week here in Ellensburg. Waiting to meet up with a friend to go over our study guide for tomorrow's final. I've never been so happy to end a quarter. Normally, as stressful as school is, I ENJOY classes. I enjoy the challenge and the work and the never-ending workload. This quarter was crap. That's all there is to say. I am also FINALLY over my sickness. It'll take another day or two to fully recover, my sinuses are a little worn out from all the snuffling, but I could breathe through both nostrils all day yesterday AND all night last night. I slept like a corpse. It was fabulous.

Last night I made a marvelously shocking discovery. You may remember last year I ecstatically shared that I 'did the social' and went to a BBQ at my mate Adam's house. I've mentioned him off and on as the charming half-Australian Marine/historian who sends me affectionately lewd drunk texts in the wee hours of the morning. Adam does just about every disgusting thing a guy can do to make me want nothing to do with him: showed up to class hung over (or drunk), says dirty things to me, spends his weekends getting wasted, etc.

I'm going to be completely honest here, though. When Adam does these things they're endearing.

Adam comes to class hung over (or drunk) on time and aces finals. Adam says dirty things to me while calling me "goddess," "my love," or "dear" and always makes sure I know that he appreciates my intellect and humor as well as my body. Adam spends his weekends getting wasted with his family after their formal dinner (a weekly tradition). He keeps himself in good shape, so not only do I NOT mind when he talks about my looks I actually take it as a compliment (I can't tell you how infuriating it is to be objectified by a slob). He has beautiful manners, so he never says anything rude (even if what he's saying is completely inappropriate). He works like crazy and is not much of a texter, so I don't hear from him often - but I do hear from him regularly. He asks me how I'm doing (again, always calling me "my love" or "dear"), gives me recommendations of good books to read or *fun movies to watch. He loves classic films and literature, loves to give his mum back rubs, and once mentioned that he ran track in high school and then at Eastern Washington University (and of course there was **the race he had the night he graduated).

I was missing him a bit last night so I decided to be a creepy computer nerd and stalk him (yes, I'm finally getting to the point now). With what little useful information I have I googled him. At first I got nothing more than an empty profile on But, recalling that he ran track I added that to my keyword search. I ended up on the website for the Track and Field High School Records page and found his name under the 4x800. Adam's split is the second fastest, barely 2 seconds shy of teammate Chris Lukezic. I'm sure Adam thinks "Hey, that was years ago, I was 18." But that record is still unbroken.

I'm not blogging about this because I'm so amazed that I have a friend who once did something amazing. I have friends who own their own businesses , and of course there's my dad. I'm blogging about this because he said nothing. Here we have a college guy with a crush on a college girl who intimidates him, a guy who is so shy he feels he has to ***trick her into going on a "date" with him, who only casually mentions - after she asked specifically if he did any sports in high school - that he ran track. He didn't try to impress her with the fact that he and his three friends hold the fastest 4x800 relay time in national high school history, or that his split was just two seconds shy of a man who went on to run professionally.

That's just the kind of guy Adam is. Hot.

* He once texted me to tell me that he wanted to watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers with me. No, he wasn't kidding. No, he's not gay.

** Adam and I had a few dates before he left school, and I was pretty fond of him. The final we had for Dr. Hot Prof's class was his final-final. He walked out the door without looking back at me and I was absolutely crushed because I didn't think I'd ever hear from him again. Silly me. He sent me a lewd text (which I won't share) at about 11:30 that night, when I was in bed. Being a bit alarmed by it (as it was NOT affectionately framed), I ignored the text and fell asleep. I woke up at 1:30 with a voicemail on my phone (the fact that I don't have it anymore is one of the saddest things ever) that was so chipper I almost laughed until I cried. He was calling to see if I would come pick him and his friend Josh up from the bars, but since I didn't answer he assumed I had NOT found his text funny and apologized. He told me that he hoped to take me out again, etc, and wished me a good night. Of course I immediately called him back to find out where he was so I could come and get him, but feeling bad that he'd woken me up he insisted that he and Josh were almost home and that I should not come pick them up. "No, no, we're going to race to each stop sign and then we'll be there." He put me (well, his phone) in his pocket and he and Josh proceeded to race down the middle of the streets of Ellensburg. At 2 a.m. Barefoot. (Adam won.)

*** The day before our last final, Adam and I agreed to meet up with another classmate, Spencer, and go over the study guide to make sure we all had proper answers. I showed up, sat at a table. Adam showed up, sat across from me. We made smalltalk for a while, I got utterly lost in the incredible blueness of his eyes (yes, I'm that person), and then got to studying. About halfway through the study guide I asked "Is Spencer coming?" Adam shrugged, "I dunno." "Well, shouldn't you text him so he can come and get answers?" "Yeah, but then it wouldn't be a date." Adorable.

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