Sunday, February 28, 2010

New. And News.

Well, I took a break from blogging for a while. I edited certain preferences to this blog, and my social networking account, which will help me to control my disgust and fury enough to not be quite so tempted to openly expose Abusive, Lying Manipulators. I've had a very rough time over the last month or so, but I won't complain about it. I've done my best to try to keep myself moving forward. I've succeeded for the most part, but occasionally I give in and have a little cry.

However, two weeks ago I received HUGE, SHOCKING...and REALLY EXCITING news*** from my mum:

Kafrin and Mastah Chahls are moving in with me.

Over Spring Break.

Spring Break is in three weeks. I was planning to visit them in Independence(, Oregon) for Spring Break. Having had a difficult, frustrating, and fruitless experience at their current school, they'd looked into transferring universities. Naturally they looked into coming to Central Washington, since I've done nothing but rave about it since I got here. I knew that they had both looked in depth at Central, and that Kafrin had applied (for herself and for Mastah Chahls). I assumed that they would probably transfer here for Fall quarter (which, even though I would no longer be here, would be awesome because it's only 3 hours from my mum's {where I assume I'll be living} as opposed to 6+). I had no idea they were planning such an IMMEDIATE change. I've started reorganizing and rearranging my apartment to make room for them, and I'm starting to get really excited about it! Life will be SO much easier with roommates - even with the unavoidable moments of tension which will arise from close quarters. I've never lived with anyone before, so I'm really excited to have companions.

Aside from how awesome it will be to have people to shop with, cook with, clean with, game with, watch movies with, hike with, work out with (I've made at date with Kafrin to have a Stationary Bike race in the gym at the SUB), and do laundry with, I also won't have to move any of my furniture after I graduate. Other than my little rocking chair, which I can easily fit in my car, the only furniture I own is a couch (which apparently we'll be getting rid of when Kafrin and Mastah Chahls move in), a desk (which I love, but which I can leave with Kafrin and Mastah Chahls), and a mattress, which I will be burning in effigy. This means that when I'm ready to move home to mommy (or daddy, depending on where I can find work), I will just have my carload of clothes and books. I'm such a boring person.

Another good aspect of roommates is the money I'll save on rent (utilities here are negligible). By having roomies I'll save enough money to be able to afford to visit My Danny in Provo TWICE next quarter! Firstly, I'm going to a wedding (My Danny's brother/my cousin Derek is marrying his VERY NICE, POLITE, and FRIENDLY lady, Tiffany) the first week in April. Second, my mate Steven (The Most Extraordinary Man in the Universe) is heading back in late April/early May after he completes his Amazing Internship at the Portuguese embassy in Washington (that's East Coast "Washington," not Washington State - obviously, otherwise I'd be blogging about hanging out with The Most Extraordinary Man in the Universe, Steven). I'm hoping to drag my cousin Angela (My Danny's/my cousin Derek's sister) along with me so that I don't have to make the drive all by my self. For the record, I am absolutely NOT excited about being anywhere NEAR Utah. I hate Utah. I've been putting off visiting My Danny and Steven, The Most Extraordinary Man in the Universe, for YEARS because I hate it so much - and that's saying something. My Danny is my closest mate, and Steven.....well, obviously, he's The Most Extraordinary Man in the Universe, so the temptation's been great. Nevertheless, I have always hoped for some miracle whereby My Danny would call up Steven, The Most Extraordinary Man in the Universe, befriend him, and then bring Steven, The Most Extraordinary Man in the Universe home with him on one of the holiday breaks, thereby providing me with THREE gifts in one: being able to see My Danny; being able to see Steven, The Most Extraordinary Man in the Universe; being able to do both without setting foot in or near Utah. However, I am willing to suck up my feelings of loathing enough to brave the state TWICE in one year for the chance to see those special fellas. Hopefully the future will be kind enough to never require it of me again.

***Obviously this news was only as exciting as, but not more exciting than Carisa and Tyler's big news , for which I offer my most squealing congratulations.


Tyler and Carisa said...

That is so exciting!! I've never lived by myself - I don't think I'm a strong enough individual to be left alone for long periods of time, but I know that having roomies are totally worth all the tense moments.

Enjoy the adventure!! I can't wait to hear all about it!

Oh, and Tyler and I are coming up in April for the open house.

V^e said...

Yeah, it should be interesting living with those two. The dynamics of our relationships have changed since they got married - not because my little sister married one of my best friends, but because I'm a spinster, so they treat me like a gramma. I really don't mind, actually. It's nice having someone to move heavy things for me and someone to get things for me. Ha!

It'll be fun to see you at the open house, but be forewarned: I will probably have to pat your tummy. I know, I know, you're always supposed to ask permission first, but I'm a spinster, so I get a pass, right? ;)

Tyler and Carisa said...

No need to ask. I get my belly rubbed like Buddha at least twice a day at work. I'm used to it. =D

Prepare to see me in all my hugeness glory. I can only imagine what I'll look like in 5 weeks!

V^e said...

You'll look like a goddess, as you always do, but with an adorable pregnant tum tum.