Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh goodness

I finished up the quarter. Not sure what my grades are yet.

I got a new laptop. It's pretty schnazzy.

I got a new packpack. It's radical.

I'm currently at my dad's, with The Little Beastie flipping out on my lap, but keeping me warm. I'm heading to my mom's Wednesday (or possibly tomorrow, since Katherine and Chuck will be going and it'd be safer to drive with them in case something happens. Like an avalanche, which wouldn't be entirely out of the ordinary).

I'm so excited to see my cousin Danny that I'm about to pee my pants. I should see him Thursday, though he'll be at his parent's by Wednesday night. I wanted to be polite and give them some alone time with him, but if he gives me the go ahead I will fly over to his house in record time so that we can eat Liege waffles.

I wanted to go to Boise to see my fam, and get my files from T-Righteous, but the weather is not cooperating and, awesome as my Lexus is, it's not made for slippery roads. No idea when I'll be able to go see everyone, but hopefully I'll have better luck with the weather early next year.