Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lies and blaspheme

You know what? Last month I promised to upload pictures of, and describe in thorough detail my dad's house in Mt. Angel. I lied.

Instead, I'm going to attach the link to my facebook album for my trip to his house for Oktoberfest.

I'm also going to attach the link to my facebook album for my shenanigans this weekend.

I went to my aunt's house in Heppner to meet up with aunties and cousins for some horse riding and pumpkin picking. I ended up with a big green pumpkin, a perfect "Cinderella Carriage" orange one, one that looked like a turban, and one that's orange with green streaks. I also grabbed some corn stalks to go along with my pumpkins so that I can decorate the step outside my apartment door. I'm very excited about it!

I can't believe I've been in Ellensburg for a year. Less believable: I'm moving out in two months. I've started to miss it already. I have really enjoyed my time there, despite the cold, the wind, and the occasional, overwhelming loneliness (which happens to me everywhere!). I have had a few less-than-positive personal experiences, but my year in Ellensburg has completely changed who I am. I've grown more in a year here than I think I have my entire life previous. I'm really looking forward to my next adventure, but I'm really sad to be leaving this place behind.