Tuesday, October 6, 2009

In The Long Run We Are All Dead

I've added the link to my other blog. I've added a warning page because the nature of my blog posts lately have been graphic. Unlike this blog, which is to keep my mates up to date on my normal life, the other blog is truly a personal online diary, so I don't censor myself. If you don't want details of my other goings on, don't read it.

It won't always be dealing with "my other goings on." Sometimes I'll blog about a hot guy I wanted to jump, or about being objectified, or other sex- and sexuality-related topics. Again, if you don't want details, don't read it.

For those of you who are curious but wary, I will say this: I won't post anything pornographic. I will use explicit terms, I may use vulgar language, I may post diagrams and pictures, but the former will only be during rants and the latter will only ever be for educational purposes.