Saturday, September 19, 2009


First off, some genius in Spokane (two hours north of Wallensburg) decided to take a schizophrenic murderer on a field trip to the fair. Said murderer escaped, and is currently at large.

Second, take my post from a few weeks ago and cancel it. I'm not applying to grad schools, I'm petitioning to graduate in December, I've updated my resume and profile, and I'm currently looking for work and living arrangements in (preferably) the Los Angeles area. I'm very, very happy about this decision!!

Third, I'm dealing with a personal trauma which I may or may not discuss on this blog at some point in the future. If I flip out on you or seem to be a bit unstable, that's the reason. Don't be alarmed, emoting is healthy, and I'm following the proper procedure to deal with this issue.

Fourth, I''m currently at my dad's in Mt. Angel, Oregon. His house is perfect. Out of a story book. I kid thee not. Descriptive and photographic evidence to follow at a later date.

Fifth, to the few people who read my blog: I love you all!