Monday, September 14, 2009

Scary Go Round

Last week my life changed forever.

Approximately five years ago I discovered the world of webcomics. It was limited to three:
Questionable Content, Something Positive, and Scary Go Round.

Questionable Content's quality has wavered through the years, though I recently got back into it. Something Positive, though fantastic, was a bit dialog-intensive for me to keep up with on a regular basis. If I went on vacation and missed a few days it would take me over an hour to catch up. If I, say, didn't have internet for a month....

But Scary Go Round.........

The artwork, the dialog, the incredible story arcs, this is the greatest webcomic - some of the greatest fiction - ever created. Scary Go Round improved my quality of life 300%: From finding true love, to experiencing true heartbreak; Starting college, dropping out of college, starting college again; Divorces, marriages, births, deaths, first times and last times... Scary Go Round was there for me through all of it. No matter how sad I was, this comic made me laugh. No matter how happy I was, I always wanted to take the time to read it.

Last week, Scary Go Round concluded. Although it has ended, it is always with spirit. (And in archives).

Mr. John Allison, my hat's off to you.