Tuesday, May 19, 2009


For the first time in college I did something legitimately social. Awesome Aussie Adam invited me to a bbq at his house Sunday night and....I went! Here are the five consecutive, horrible photos I took. Great!

My host, Adam. His mum's Australian, so I now refer to him as Aussie Adam, or Awesome Adam, or, as above, Awesome Aussie Adam. He's the most charming person I've met in years. Well-read, well-spoken, and polite. He's Mr. Manners!

Adam's friend Josh. Josh bent down to get his beer.

Adam's other friends, preparing their meat.

Me, making a face (as usual) because I was talking whilst taking a photo of myself (as usual).

Adam made southwestern salad, crinkle fries, and pork loin. It was amazing.