Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ellensburg and Yakima Canyon

Instead of sitting around watching movies, eating junk food, and waiting for Cute Robert to call me, which he can't do because he's busy studying for his ASVAB and GRE, I decided to go take some pictures of Ellensburg and thereabouts. My original intention was to drive up to Vista House (a strange sort of white adobe building with a turret that's up on a hill overlooking the rodeo grounds) and take pictures of the mountains and then head to campus to wander and take videos/pictures of my school. Unfortunately it's blowing about 50 mph, and the wind chill is, to say the least, "biting." All I ended up with was one decent shot of what I believe is Barge Hall (admin building) and some of the local houses that were on the way.

4th Street: A pretty little house, and a castle letting a 2-bedroom flat.

The Barbie House. Enlarge the images so you can see the colors up close. Note the molded plastic shutters. There's even a matching garage out the back side of the house. No. Joke.

Barge Hall and Ellensburg High School. If you're wondering why I posted a picture of the high school, you've obviously never seen my high school in Athena.

After I took these pictures, I still wanted to take pictures of campus, but it was so windy I didn't want to get out of the car and wander around, so I decided to drive down "Canyon Road" and see where that led me. I was hoping to find a back road that would take me up Manastash Ridge so I could get a good picture of the mountains, but instead I ended up following the Yakima River through the foothills.
To the Southwest and Southeast of the Yakima River.

It was so windy I could hardly stay upright. Or breathe. Or smile. And then I almost dropped my camera.

I hopped back in my car and drove along a little farther and noticed there was a little recreational area. It was so windy I had to open my car door with both legs because I couldn't push it with my arms. I then decided it was a good idea to walk across this seemingly-unthreatening suspension bridge:
To the left and right of the rickety-ass suspension bridge. Note: I thought I would die.

A rare siting: The Valry, in nature.

After several more unsuccessful attempts to get shots of the gorgeous mountains, I headed home to nurse my wounds: I have several slivers in my hands and fingers from the bridge. It was actually very stable, but since it's not solid it moved around a lot in the wind. Combined with the disorientation from the water rushing beneath my feet, I was very unsteady and had to keep bracing myself on the rail, which felt smooth but wasn't. No worries, though. The slivers are small and if they bother me too much I can just ask Cute Robert to get them out for me. I wish he'd call....