Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hump Day!

It is WEDNESDAY, dear readers! Hump day!

I am OFFICIALLY done with my Intro to History class. I will probably end up with a C in the class - the ONLY C I'll ever get in college. I worked my bum off in that class, too, which makes me so angry. Oh well, at least it's over.

Yesterday I wrote almost 4 pages worth of essays in my US history class WITH NO PREPARATION or studying at all, then I completed 8 pages for my Irish History class, then wrote TEN PAGES ALL AT ONCE for my Intro to History class - the paper actually turned out FABULOUS, so I hope she gives me a good grade. It's one of the best papers I've ever written, actually, so it may be enough to keep my grade above a C. Probably not, tho, considering I skipped a 50-point assignment.......ahem.

So now I've had an extra day to chill out and take my time with Dr. Ervin's assignments. I lounged in bed until 8, then got up, edited my paper, took my time getting ready, headed to campus to email my final into my Intro to History prof (didn't want to have to sit there and "explain myself" for not showing up the last two weeks of class.....) and then came back here and cleaned my car out for my trip. WHEEE!!!!!! I'm not working on my last book review for Ervin and will then move onto prepping for my final exam. His tests are REALLY hard and he gave me a 75 (!!!WHAT?!) on my midterm so I really need to do well in order to get an A from him again. I was so disappointed with that midterm because my papers - for the first time - had been SO good, I got A's instead of really low B's like last quarter. ARGH, my grades are going to SUCK!!!!!!

I use exclamation marks a lot. Hooray for Hump Day!