Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I filed a petition to changed some grades so that I could fix my GPA. In the process of having that petition granted (my GPA is now up to snuff) I am now three credits shy of graduation. So I'm going to stay (right now I'm set to graduate at the end of Spring quarter) and study Information Technology (don't ask).

The last month has been ridiculous - too difficult for me to even recall, let alone detail here. In the few minutes of shock after I saw that I didn't have enough credits to graduate I realized that I'd already done all the hard work. A few minutes worth of emailing and I was back on track. I got my financial aid back, I've enrolled for classes (THE MINIMUM ALLOWABLE COURSELOAD), and I'll be extending my lease (again) next week.

This means............


Actually, as awesome as comps are, and as much as I need a new laptop (I won't go into how badly mine sucks), the thing I'm most excited about is a new backpack. I haven't found one that I want cos the one that I saw that I liked didn't have the things I need. But I will persevere and find THE PERFECT BACKPACK!