Thursday, October 15, 2009

Toe Lint, Trash-holes, and Smoking Cutiepies

I bought some socks last month to wear with my hiking boots. They're Hanes crew-cut socks. They've got a fairly thick nap, which adds a bit of extra cushion when I'm stomping around campus in my hiking boots. Said nap also adds a nice layer of lint to my toes. This is an alarming discovery - I'm obsessive about keeping my feet clean (amongst other body parts which shall go unmentioned at present), and I'm currently so distracted by the cloudy tufts protruding from the tips of my pigs that I am forced to blog about it. I'm going to do a quick trick involving the use of my carpet as a cleaning agent.

Had an epic dream last night. For those of you who don't know, you dream in real-time: this one must have been nearly an hour continuous. It was awful, and about You-Know-Who (no, NOT Voldemort), and my stupidity and ignorance and shame was all exposed, and all of my worst suspicions were confirmed. I woke up so low it took me nearly half an hour to get out of bed, and another full hour to get showered and get clothes on. I didn't even bother putting makeup on (two days running now). I didn't have time for breakfast, so I was even lower by the time I left for school. Then as I was walking to math, I saw You-Know-Who (no, NOT Voldemort) going to the SUB. I wanted to yank off my hiking boot, linty sock and all, and hurtle it at the back of his spiky-haired head.

Made a mate from math class. He's one of those people who looks/acts like he could be 18 or could be 28 (though I suppose that's true for virtually any CWU college student), has a unique sense of style (i.e. Castro hat, flack-or-leather jackets, skater shoes, and facial scruff), smells like cigarettes and deodorant, and loves doing crossword puzzles. He's got bright blue eyes, a quick mind, and great legs. He sat next to me on the couch before class today and we did part of the cross word together. It was a nice exchange. Generally I go all day without ever talking to anyone (unless for class-oriented discussions), and the few people I do talk to are the kind of people who say weird things that provide more biographical information than necessary. You know the type.

If I can get enough of my homework done today/tonight I'll be heading home for the weekend. I'd like to visit my aunt Alaina, pick pumpkins, etc, then possibly spend Sunday night with my cousin Jami (on whom I have a crush of an inappropriately sexual nature), gettin' crunk and watching Bridget Jones's Diary. More than likely I'll not get any homework done and will spend my weekend here, alone, wishing I was elsewhere and still getting no homework done.

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