Monday, August 31, 2009

Let it begin.....

Round One: Applications and Advising
Contacting potential faculty advisers, filling out application forms.

I've started my applications. I am so happy because it looks like it's going to be a bit easier on me this round than last. I use ONE (1) website to apply to law schools (Southwestern, Pepperdine, USC) and have decided to keep my PhD apps to one: USC. I will also apply to the Masters program at Central. USC and Pepperdine's apps aren't available until tomorrow (guess how I'll be spending my day....), so I'm going to spend the rest of the evening emailing professors at USC to find out how best to approach my potential research. Hopefully they won't laugh at me to my face.......

This biggest problem I'm having is finding faculty, programs, schools for my PhD. I'm applying to USC for the sole reason that it's the only school that I've consistently wanted to go to, and Los Angeles (for some reason) is the only city I've consistently wanted to live in for extended periods of time. I have no idea why. Anyway, despite the apparent boringness/humor of my research topic (rubber), I'm going to be doing groundbreaking research. The only people who have really written on rubber (or even on commodities in general) are either dead or journalists. Since neither the dead nor journalists profess at academic institutions, I'm at a bit of a loss. So I will simply choose the school that holds my interest and do my own thang.....

Stay tuned for

Round Two: Supplemental Materials
This includes professor letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, portfolios, GRE and LSAT score reports, and transcripts.

and the exciting conclusion

Round Three: Financial Aid Forms
W-2, 1040, FAFSA, and fellowship appeals!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hensel, or weirder --->

Walking down Walnut St. on my way to campus I stepped over a rigatoni noodle (awash in some sort of tomato sauce). Later, upon leaving the Language and Literature building (the Social Sciences Fortress) I nearly trod on a lone bowtie (possibly with garlic cream sauce).

The noodly carcasses of the respective Pastii were all that remained of what must have been an epic battle; all that remained as testament to the irreconcilable dichotomy of sauce preference.
No witnesses.
No prisoners.
No survivors.

In other news, a herd of trombones has been adopted by an unidentified neighbor. No word yet if their plans involve breeding with French horn flocks (which run wild in this part of the world).

Hensel, or weirder ---->

Sunday, August 23, 2009

teh futurz

Wednesday, September 23: First day of Fall Quarter
Saturday, September 26: L-SAT
Monday, September 28: GRE

I'm going to apply to:

Central Washington University Department of History Masters program
Washington State University Department of History PhD program
USC Department of History PhD program
USC Gould School of Law JD program
Pepperdine University School of Law

Fall quarter I am taking 8 credits of history (finishing my major) and a math class. Winter quarter I will be retaking 10 credits (geology and econ) as well as a history elective (for fun).
Spring quarter I will take history as well as possibly econ classes. I will graduate - hopefully with honors - in early June.

Because my grades are good but my GPA is bad I will be retaking 10 credits worth of classes, but cannot do it until Winter quarter, which doesn't finish until the end of March. This means some schools might reject me before I have a chance to fix my grades. I am not entirely sure I will stay in Ellensburg and get my Masters, even if I am rejected from every other program. If all else fails I will get a job somewhere that isn't windy all the time - or that at least has more to offer than said wind. (Not that Ellensburg sucks, but there isn't much to do there and I DO get restless occasionally.)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Higher Education

I'd prefer having professors who have the skills to teach in innovative, creative ways. This is a shameless attempt by the University to increase enrollment by ripping off students. They'd have done better to spend the "generous gift from [their] Board of Trustees” to lower tuition costs, or to create a post-graduation-unemployment funds for graduates drowning in debt from their $30,000 education.

Furthermore, students have to pay for the phone plan - which will require them to incur cancelation fees to switch over to AT&T, not to mention paying the outrageous monthly bill for the plan. This is so absurd I'd laugh out loud if it didn't make me so angry.