Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tiki Teryaki

Yesterday, after spending several hours popping around Walla Walla looking at wedding stuff, Rea, Katherine, and I went to this AMAZING Hawaiian restaurant that opened up here a few months ago. Every single thing they make is "the best thing I've ever eaten"* and they have this steamed cabbage that is just so ridiculously good I've decided to start buying, steaming, and eating cabbage on a regular basis (good source of vitamin K).

The stoic Valry, going for the First Grade Teacher look (that adorable headband came from the dollar store, and I was rocking it).

Rea, very excited about having her picture taken!

The lovely bride-to-be, Katie Jean!

Katherine got their Teryaki chicken and Rea and I split their beef - UN REEEEEEEAL! Every order comes with two HUGE scoops of steamed rice (*droooool*), cabbage (ours was actually diced red cabbage with chives, which was delicious, but disappointing because I was hoping for steamed cabbage), and either a green salad (iceburg, olives, croutons, grated provalone and this asian sesame awesomeness dressing) or Hawaiian macaroni salad, which is the most bland, awesome addition to the rest of the food, which is all really, really strongly flavored (and delicious). I also got a side order of rice (because it's just so good) and a pina colada smoothie - it actually isn't that fabulous (reminds me of suntan lotion), I prefer actual pina coladas from the Mexican restaurants around here, but it's still really good. If anyone ever visits Walla Walla, we are GOING to eat there!!!!!

* Tiki Teryaki has now joined the company of Kobe Beef, Stafford, Virginia on my Best Restaurants list. It's been the lone star on the list for the last 15 years, and I'm sure it's happy to have company.

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I sure do love good food!