Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Finals, Spring Break....yikes!

After being up until past 1 last night I set my alarm for 6:00 this morning to make sure I had time to study for my US History final at 8:00. I woke up, per usual, to the sound of my downstairs neighbor closing his closet doors (it's not super loud, but loud enough for me). I felt pretty well-rested, and looked up at the window to see the beautiful sun shining through the blinds. At six in the morning???

HOLY HELL! 7:44!!!!!!

It's an 8 minute sprint to get to campus from my apartment, so I FLEW out of bed, LAUGHED at my phone (I truly could not believe it, I even opened and closed my phone several times to make sure the outer display was working properly) and had only enough time to hop into a pair of pants while I went to the loo before I had to rush out of my apartment. FORTUNATELY the prof for that class provides the paper, so all I needed was a pen - if I had needed anything else I wouldn't have made it, because it was scattered everywhere.

FORTUNATELY I made it on time. UNfortunately, I never managed to study for the final. I hadn't even looked at two of the four possible essay prompts. Of course he picked one of those two. I didn't put a single date anywhere in my essays, and the only name I could think of was wrong (I'm realizing now - not that I had any doubts that it was wrong when I wrote it down!), so I've ruled out getting an A on the test. Thankfully I worked hard all quarter and have an excellent grade in the class, so I should be okay even if I get a low B on the test. I may even still sneak by with an A (I had excellent participation as well).

I came home, stunned from the experience. I have had nightmares every single quarter since I started college that I've slept in and missed a final. For the record, I have NEVER EVER slept in. I always laughed at the nightmares because it illustrated how obsessed I am with education - I had an irrational fear of doing something I would never do. Well, boys and girls, I very nearly did it. I am human, after all.

Once I got home I started working on my Irish History final. For those of you who don't know, I struggled all quarter with that class. Aside from the delicious distraction that was CuBe, I really paid attention in the class, took about 20 pages of notes, and did all of my assignments on time. I managed to get B's on all of them (even though I had no idea what I was talking about) and did well on my quizzes. But when I looked at the Final Exam prompt I panicked. There was only one option that I even had a CHANCE of answering, and we were supposed to pick two - and then write 4-6 pages for EACH! I managed to get part way through the first one last night, but didn't have any idea where I was going with it. Fortunately, the stimulation to my brain from the absolute PANIC this morning seemed to have lifted a veil. The first essay turned out very well - and was even the correct length. The second was a bit short (but Prof was flexible in his wording), but it too was excellent. I finished it up, answered the two-point extra credit question, then rushed off to the library to print it off and make it back in time to meet the Post-Man to get........

I missed him yesterday when I went to the library to study (and got distracted by CuBe), and my attempts to arrange a redelivery failed because the internet was unstable.


Dolly said...

Hey girl. Glad that you made it to your final. It sounds like everything is going well. I'm so glad that you are making so much progress with school. Literally every time I talk to you or hear from you you have some sort of positive news to share with school. Can't wait to see you!

V^e said...

Yeah, I really am making good progress! After getting antsy and thinking about rushing to graduate by August, I talked with a friend who told me to just chill and spread out my classes a bit the last few quarters. He's right, you know? It's okay to take my time and finish in December - I'll graduate with a bachelors and it'll have only been three years of school. Not bad!