Friday, February 20, 2009


I have no internet at my apartment, so....

1) I have holds on my transcripts because I haven't completed general education classes. Why it makes sense to prevent students from signing up for classes they are required to register for is beyond me.

2) My intro to history class is worth 3 credits and has twice the workload of my other classes. Why it makes sense for a class on How To Research and Write Academic Papers to be a THREE HUNDRED LEVEL CLASS - after I've written no fewer than three dozen papers over the last two years - is beyond me.

3) Apartments. Ugh.

4) My hair was a success. Whether or not people ACTUALLY like it, they certainly enjoyed using it as a conversation piece and told me they did.


6) Did I tell you how stupid it is that I can't register for classes? Guess what's stupider: CWU won't accept three of my classes because they "don't normally count those classes towards general education requirements" even though, according to the Direct Transfer Agreement they have with WWCC, they DO accept them - but only if I take two years worth of foreign language (which I'm exempted from at CWU because I took it in high school) and a year of gym credits (which CWU doesn't even require!!). Since I didn't take those worthless classes, apparently my physics class - with a lab - and my biology class - also with a lab - AND my ceramics class are not good enough for CWU.


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K6LSN said...

Hey, I am gonna go way out on a limb and bet that Cute Roberts shadow isn't his sister. Might be wrong, anybody wanna bet? hehe. Its too bad your having such difficulty with the transfers it seems that you work pretty hard on your education. Take care.