Friday, February 6, 2009


In my US history class today we had a group discussion about some reading we did this week, and to start off we "went around the circle" and introduced ourselves and told our classmates what we planned to do with our history degree. I said I wanted to get my Ph.D (eventually) and do intelligence analysis for the government (something I've always planned to do). What a response! Another student (a grad student planning to teach college) came up to me after class to ask me if I was planning to do grad work here (I answered that I was) and then my professor talked to me at length about intelligence positions in DC because that was what HE had started out doing before he turned to teaching. It was fabulous, and I'm feeling very motivated about (eventually) getting a position in DC.

Dr. Ervin got my book review back to me today and I got an A! My first A in his class, I'm so thrilled. Of course I was practically stoned from lack of sleep/stress from studying, and got the brilliant idea of emailing him a rebuttal to his critiques. He's always so friendly when I talk to him in class, but emailing him terrifies me - I'm never sure how welcome such communiques are, or how "friendly" I'm allowed to be when I send them. As soon as I hit "send" I get a stomach ache. Oh well....I'm sure he knows I'm not trying to be bullheaded or rude.


Also, boys are complete f*#&s. I'm sick of being treated so abominably. It's not like I have a huge flashing sign over my head saying "exploit me" or something. I don't wear skanky clothes or say scandalous things or even say FRIENDLY things! I do not invite creeps into my life, so how do they know where to find me?! Igh!

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