Sunday, February 22, 2009


So my cousins got in a car accident yesterday. Driving along the freeway (the speed limit in Washington is 70 mph, so my cousin was probably doing about 75) they went off the shoulder onto some loose dirt on an embankment and flipped their minivan....four or five times.

Click to Enlarge:

As you can see, they crashed so hard the windshield wipers - only the flimsy parts - crashed through the windshield. I hate to sound like a physics nerd, but it takes an incredible impact to do that.

They walked away. The youngest had to have a couple of stitches on her elbow, which was presumably cut when the back window exploded on impact, but other than that they were all completely fine. How they are still alive, let alone virtually unscathed, is beyond me. Needless to say, I'm a bit more nervous about driving home today than I usually am!

-- Apparently there were 40 linear feet between the initial impact and the second impact. The van was completely air-born before the second impact.

Friday, February 20, 2009


I have no internet at my apartment, so....

1) I have holds on my transcripts because I haven't completed general education classes. Why it makes sense to prevent students from signing up for classes they are required to register for is beyond me.

2) My intro to history class is worth 3 credits and has twice the workload of my other classes. Why it makes sense for a class on How To Research and Write Academic Papers to be a THREE HUNDRED LEVEL CLASS - after I've written no fewer than three dozen papers over the last two years - is beyond me.

3) Apartments. Ugh.

4) My hair was a success. Whether or not people ACTUALLY like it, they certainly enjoyed using it as a conversation piece and told me they did.


6) Did I tell you how stupid it is that I can't register for classes? Guess what's stupider: CWU won't accept three of my classes because they "don't normally count those classes towards general education requirements" even though, according to the Direct Transfer Agreement they have with WWCC, they DO accept them - but only if I take two years worth of foreign language (which I'm exempted from at CWU because I took it in high school) and a year of gym credits (which CWU doesn't even require!!). Since I didn't take those worthless classes, apparently my physics class - with a lab - and my biology class - also with a lab - AND my ceramics class are not good enough for CWU.


Sunday, February 15, 2009


With Grasses

Without Grasses

Right Profile

Left Profile

Still figuring out "products" and styling. I've never really had to do that before, so it's taking a while. From the feel of my hair I'll need to stick with my shampoo/conditioner so that it's soft, find a good soft mousse (BigSexyHair Volume Plus was not a good idea. You could use it on vehicle tires for emergency punctures), and use way more texture paste. I'm loving it SUPER short and I tuck it behind my ears, which is very boyish but fun. In about a month or two it will be the perfect "bob" length, so I'm looking forward to that. All in all....I'm totally thrilled to have gotten rid of all my hair.

Domestic Violence

Rihanna got wooped on by her younger boyfriend, Chris Brown. Here's some universally-sound advice from my favorite entertainment blog.

"Dear Chris Brown,

You know what's an awesome way of knowing your girlfriend's okay? NOT punching her in the face.

That one's on the house,

The Superficial Writer"

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One Good Turn Deserves Another

Yesterday a girl passed out, free-fell into a desk partition, and whacked her temple so hard on the corner that she had convulsions. Only one professor witnessed the fall, a philosophy professor who is dorky beyond all reason. He's also incredibly nice and well-rounded, and as I study in the commons outside his office every day, I've had ample opportunity to observe him. I knew he was uncomfortable with the situation and kept literally running around fetching the girl things - his own jacket for her to put her head on, a cup of water, and even a vitamin water (which he sprinted up and down three flights of stairs to bring her). After the paramedics came and took the girl away (she was fine, by the way - she'd donated blood earlier and hadn't eaten enough), I asked the professor if HE was okay. He tried to brush it off, and I could tell he was very shaken and needed to really get it off his chest. About an hour later, as I was leaving the building, I ducked my head into his office to talk to him. I asked him again if he was alright, let him vent for several minutes, and ended up introducing myself and talking to him about school. I figured that aside from letting him vent a little of his shock on me, plus giving him someone curiously outgoing to think about, would help him maybe have a better night than he would have otherwise.
I've never, EVER done anything as brave as this. I was terrified beyond self-control. Yet was in strange possession of myself. I had tears in my eyes the entire time because I was so nervous, but it was after five so there wasn't much light in his office and he couldn't see them. Because I was so worried about HIM going into shock I managed to be completely calm and well-spoken and reassuring. It was an out-of-body experience, and certainly an out-of-character one as well. I'm hugely proud of myself for taking such a brave step. His need for comfort and reassurance was much greater than my terror at speaking to him (which was, clearly, very great). I have no doubt he will repay my thoughtfulness in the future. I'm planning to take a logic class from him next quarter (which I told him yesterday) and I'm sure he will make every effort to help me if I get stuck. Furthermore, he will probably prove a useful contact when I'm looking at grad schools. He's a really nice man, and I'm glad I was able to be so brave so I could talk to him.

Friday, February 6, 2009


In my US history class today we had a group discussion about some reading we did this week, and to start off we "went around the circle" and introduced ourselves and told our classmates what we planned to do with our history degree. I said I wanted to get my Ph.D (eventually) and do intelligence analysis for the government (something I've always planned to do). What a response! Another student (a grad student planning to teach college) came up to me after class to ask me if I was planning to do grad work here (I answered that I was) and then my professor talked to me at length about intelligence positions in DC because that was what HE had started out doing before he turned to teaching. It was fabulous, and I'm feeling very motivated about (eventually) getting a position in DC.

Dr. Ervin got my book review back to me today and I got an A! My first A in his class, I'm so thrilled. Of course I was practically stoned from lack of sleep/stress from studying, and got the brilliant idea of emailing him a rebuttal to his critiques. He's always so friendly when I talk to him in class, but emailing him terrifies me - I'm never sure how welcome such communiques are, or how "friendly" I'm allowed to be when I send them. As soon as I hit "send" I get a stomach ache. Oh well....I'm sure he knows I'm not trying to be bullheaded or rude.


Also, boys are complete f*#&s. I'm sick of being treated so abominably. It's not like I have a huge flashing sign over my head saying "exploit me" or something. I don't wear skanky clothes or say scandalous things or even say FRIENDLY things! I do not invite creeps into my life, so how do they know where to find me?! Igh!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


My nephew Maxipoo (pronounced "maktheepoo", because he has a lithp), has been having breathing troubles (asthma) and he said that he can't breath because he's got the "weazles" bad.

So cute I want to cry!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Exciting Times Ahead

1) Saturday night, in the middle of paper-writing, I lost Windows Explorer. Don't even ask how it happened, cos it will freak you out. The important thing is that I'm a more advanced computer user than I thought. I've been creatively navigating through my operating system. For example, when my computer boots up all I see is my desktop wallpaper. In order to run programs I have to hit ctrl+alt+del and run new tasks by browsing through my folders. I can't find my browser icon, so in order to open Chrome I have to run Open Office, make a hyperlink, and click on it. In order to talk on Trillian I have to run that, and then wait for my peeps to message me (I have no taskbar, so I can't access the program once it's running). Despite this ENORMOUS handicap, I managed to successfully write two amazing papers this weekend (which I'm sure will be graded down because my professors hate me) and was all-in-all productive.

** UPDATE **

I fixed it! I'M AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

2) Advising! I'm going to try to meet up with Dr. Ervin sometime this week to go over some stuff. It's still possible for me to graduate in August, but doing so would require a hell of a lot of fancy footwork and a bit of a gamble. Furthermore, if I DID graduate in August, I would have to apply for the masters program immediately, and take the GRE as soon as possible (and I haven't even started studying for it). Nevertheless, I would prefer not to have any more delays in my education, so if Dr. Ervin can help me out I should be able to make a decision within the next few weeks about the course of the next two (or more) years of my life.

3) HAIRCUT: I'm still absolutely ecstatic to cut my hair. I'm sure I'll have complaints once it's done, and it will take extra time for me to style, etc, but I am really looking forward to not having to buy shampoo/conditioner every 2 months (it should really last 4 or 5, don't you think??), not having my hair blowing in my face, getting caught under my shoulders when I sleep, under my backpack straps when I go to school, and stuck in zippers and buttons on my clothes. Plus, I will be able to dye it regularly so that it's nice and dark, instead of this icky faded brown that it normally is.

4) Marines!!! My brother will be completing The Basic School in Quantico by April, and will get his MOS. If I can manage it, I would like to attend the graduation. I don't know if it's an actual ceremony, or if he would just be completing classes and moving to his new quarters, etc, but I'd still like to go.

5) Friends: Not only am I talking to more people in school, my friend Russ is transferring up here in the Fall!! Russ and I had a little bit of a falling out a few months ago, but we managed to patch it up and we're buddies again. I am absolutely thrilled to have him up here. I've never been able to have a friend and see them regularly and friends with them. Not for more than a year or so. Russ will be here for at least two years to finish his bachelors, and it will probably take me about a year and a half to complete my masters. He's a really fun man, and I can't wait until there's someone here to help me out if the weather is bad, or if I need to buy/move furniture, etc. I've never got to "have my cake and eat it to" when it comes to friends - usually I made friends, fell in love with them, then one (or both) of us moved away and I never saw them again. Having Russ here will literally be something I've waited all my life for - and wanted desperately at that.

6) Graduation: I will complete my bachelor's degree in either August or December. I will be one of the first women in my family to have completed my college education (Rea should be finishing up at the same time!!). Furthermore, I will have finished my degree in 3 years (or fewer, if I graduate in August), which is quite an achievement.

7) Grad School: I've wavered hugely on whether or not I want to attend graduate school. However, with the economy as it is, my safest bet financially is to stay where I am. I can get good financial aid (plus a stipend for being a teaching assistant if I get the position), and have health insurance. Even if the economy was booming, I have little to recommend myself (other than computer skills and a bachelor's degree in a social science) to prospective employers, and would probably struggle to get a position. Even if I DID get a job, the pay would be so low I doubt I'd be able to pay all of my bills and still afford an apartment. Therefore, I will stay in school for another year, which will serve the triple purpose of keeping me safe during economic trouble, improving my chances of getting a job when I apply, and guarantee a larger paycheck once I get hired. Hooray for "strategery."

Here's a picture to illustrate my feelings:

(I didn't draw this. If I did the unicorn would be pink.)