Thursday, January 1, 2009


Katherine and I on Thanksgiving:

Christmas Chaos:
I'm trying on some earrings and wearing this cool pashmina that I got.

The Trenches out back:
We had to dig this out so we could get to the wood and the kitties in the shed.

The snow on top of the gazebo out back:

New Year's Eve, family shot:

Me posing, not dancing, but posing in dance poses. Sort of:

The jeans are amazing:

This is how I can normally be found. Posing. In dance poses. Even though I don't dance:

Yes, yes, being weird:

Taking a random breather:
My mom made that awesome jewelry, the colors are amazing!

I got a ridiculous amount of AWESOME for Christmas. I got a fancy steal-tip pen set with two pretty new ink colors (sepia and turquoise), a silver pashmina, four sets of jewelry, the entire Hornblower series (all 11!), chocolate, beef jerky (yum!), and a dozen other gifts. This is the first Christmas I haven't felt completely bummed and disappointed - of course growing up and appreciating the "togetherness" helps, as well.
The funnest part of my holiday break was last night. As has become tradition, my family ventured over to my aunt and uncle's massive house on state line for New Year's Eve "festivities". For the last few years this has just seen us wasting time and trying to avoid arguments. For the most part last night was no different. We played board games and certain family members got short-tempered and blew things out of proportion. I have rare cause for pride when I say I was NOT one of those people (seriously, I have the shortest temper of anyone I know), and managed to conduct myself with patience and good humor. After the board games turned into arguments, we decided to play Sardines. For those who don't know, it's a sort of reverse hide-and-go-seek. One person hides, the rest of the players count to a certain number, then separate in order to find The Hider. When The Hider is found, the Searcher hides with The Hider. Eventually each Searcher is crammed into whatever nook or cranny The Hider hid in, and the last Searcher to find The Hider is then "it" and has to hide the next round.
Now, the last time I played this game I was about eight. That was 15 years ago. Katherine, the youngest of our group, is 19. My uncle is 50-something, and has always been considered a rather unfriendly, unfun person. He's an LDS scholar (literally), a dentist, and frankly a bit of a sourpuss. Such is NOT the case, as we've been slowly discovering over the years. Aside from hiding in his closet (crouched on the floor behind some of my aunt's dresses), he also locked us in the garage (where we were counting, to give him full access of the house so he could select a prime hiding spot) and turned off the lights. Long story short, it was one of THE funnest, most hilarious experiences of my life, and put me in the BEST mood for starting off the new year. Anyone who thinks alcohol is necessary for a good time needs to come spend a few hours with my family. You definitely don't need booze to get stupid and have fun!

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plainjaneproud said...

Haha, mom and I were just saying how much fun we had playing and how we think Uncle Kelly had the most fun!