Friday, January 23, 2009


It's official! I've got a hair appointment for next's all going away!

That is the inspiration. I cannot wait! I have FINALLY committed (I have been saying I was going to cut my hair every summer for the last 4 years) to this style, and I was so excited about it yesterday I couldn't sleep. I was up until past 1 in the morning looking at pictures!


Jessie said...

Hooray for commitment!

Valry said...

Haha, seriously.....every summer I would do a poll (or multiple polls) on Myspace with a collection of hairstyles and I'd ask for opinions. I always liked too many to decide. This one has every element I love and it will grow out without needing reshaping to keep it looking nice. I'm incredibly excited. The best part is that I'm going to be doing it in the middle of the quarter so everyone will be surprised and give me compliments (even if they're insincere)!

I'm not sure what the color will be. I don't think my stylist likes trendy dye jobs, but I'll make sure it is amazing. I can't wait!!!!

Tyler and Carisa said...

Yay!! It's going to be great!! You totally have the face shape to pull a style like this off... can't wait to see it!!

Valry said...

Thanks! My mum made me an appointment for the 14th at 10 a.m. I'm also going to get some more contacts! I am so excited it's beyond words. I FEEL different just having decided to do it. I'm absolutely thrilled! I will take a ton of pictures and post them as soon as it's done!


Karen said...

You're so brave! This hair style is so cute and will look great on you! It will be drastic, I can't wait to see the pictures!