Friday, December 19, 2008

Sass Part TWO

1. Crystal Method: This band is effing awesome. I mean it. I've been listening to them since I was 15 and no matter how often I hear their songs I get a rush and think "holy crap, this band is effing awesome!"

2. Text Messaging: Calling someone requires both of you to stop whatever else you're doing and focus entirely on the conversation. If you're in class or a meeting you can't even make the call. If you text, however, you can do it without even looking. You can text while doing other things. Could there be anything more awesome than digital note-passing? No, there couldn't.

3. Google Chrome: This browser was released a few months ago and I cannot believe how awesome it is. It is sooooooo much faster than Firefox (which has my undying respect for being an excellent replacement of Internet Explorer) and much more efficient. It has a few little quirks that I'd love to be changed, but those quirks aren't enough to keep me from using it!

NEGATIVE 4. MSN Hotmail: My first real usage of the internet was with Hotmail email. It served me faithfully for many years, but it has now become obsolete. Constant "updates" and incessant contact from MSN headquarters has long since made Hotmail email virtually useless. The most recent update has rendered it entirely unusable as it is not compatible with Chrome. MSN Hotmail - YOU SUCK!