Saturday, December 13, 2008

Winter Storm

We're having crazazy snow here! We have five inches already (we were actually gone all day while Rea took out her endowments, etc), but we're supposed to get quite a bit more. It's so pretty! The weird thing is that it wasn't snowing (at least not sticking) anywhere else! Just in Walla Walla. Bizarro!

While mum and Rea went to the temple, Katherine and I hung out at the mall and got some GREAT Christmas shopping done (first time for me), and wasted time. Afterwords we all went to Applebees (my fam plus my grandparents and aunts and a cousin) and had a smokin' hot waiter who apparently found me attractive, and who I didn't mind looking at me. It was fun. I haven't gotten the "shine on" smile in a while..........