Thursday, November 20, 2008

McGann I Get a What-What?

Seriously, is that not the funniest play-on-words ever? Paul McGann, everyone. Amazing.

Well I've been thinking more about grad school and talking to some people about it, since I actually know NOTHING about it. According to the school website the graduate assistant stipend covers all of tuition plus a tiny bit more. I'd still apply for scholarships and financial aid (so presumably I could actually make some money if I got it). They also have a competitive fund for travel/research expenses. I have no idea how big of a fund it is, but I have no doubt I would be able to secure them if I pursue my degree here. I'd like to do a thesis on the history and future of rubber. If I could secure the funds I'd be traveling places like Brazil, Indonesia, and The Congo. I'm assuming I'd have a professor going with me? But I don't know. Dr. Hot Prof speaks Portuguese and Spanish and Dr. Diaspora is from Africa so I'm assuming he speaks several languages. French classes are full at the moment, but I'll try getting into it next quarter. I know Spanish well enough that if I was working with Dr. Hot Prof and asked him to speak to me in Spanish I'd be able to learn it rapidly. French I'm pretty comfortable with (I can actually identify words when I hear/see them, etc) for a beginner and would be able to pick that up pretty fast as well. There's so much travel to be done........

But seriously. "McGann I get a what-what?" Funniest thing since this morning's post.

Must Watch

I keep watching it over and over. The mom is like "wtf?"