Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm Going to HADES!

So I am a scrimper. I NEVER go out, I shop around for good deals, and I avoid spending money unless I must. Unfortunately, my "musts" are sometimes deemed a little less than necessary to the outside world.

Case in Point:

This weekend I discovered a show featuring an actor I'm fond of, and in looking at the clips I was reminded of a PBS Mystery! I had watched years ago. Sure that the Youtube clips and the Mystery! episode were NOT one in the same, I immediately set out to discover the name of the Mystery! episode. I failed. However, I decided to give the Youtube clips a shot this morning as I was up early and have a head start on some homework. Within about 3 minutes I realized it WAS the same show! By a complete twist of fate, I was introduced to this delicious actor SEVEN YEARS AGO and didn't even realize it. I skipped Econ this morning as I was right in the middle of watching this amazing show. Halfway through one critical scene, the clip ended.....and I couldn't find the next in the series. THE GIRL ONLY UPLOADED HALF OF THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Desperately I searched for alternate uploads, for a bit torrent, for an Amazon used copy. I failed. But then, just when all hope seemed lost (and after I emailed the girl on Youtube and BEGGED for her to upload the second half) I was granted a reprieve - BLOCKBUSTER HAS A COPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After about 15 stressful minutes of trying to resubscribe to Blockbuster online (my credit cards weren't working and I panicked but then realized my address was not up to date). I keep refreshing "My Queue" page on Blockbuster to see how quickly they will ship my order. Unfortunately I don't think they'll ship it until tomorrow, which means it probably won't arrive until this weekend when I'll be too busy to watch it! GAH! At least I found it. And do you think it's okay for me to spend $4 a month for DVD's rentals? I don't drink or smoke or have any vices to pay for. And I'm willing to forgo my poptarts in exchange for Paul McGann. I just queued all of his movies. Oh goodness, I hope they ship Forgotten soon.

For any of you who live in an Area where you might be able to find it: Rent Amanda Burton: Forgotten. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!1