Tuesday, November 11, 2008

O - M - G




Captain Von Trapp

*fans self rapidly*

One Thing After Another

Thursday afternoon I discovered a virus on my computer. Friday morning I awoke and discovered that the problems the virus was causing the day before had miraculously vanished enough for me to get to work cleaning said virus from my files. My mother's internet was sketchy at best, however, and that set me back a great deal. I spent my entire weekend cleaning and sorting files in an attempt to eradicate the virus before it could eradicate my files. I arrived home Sunday evening and had no internet. This was not an issue, really, since I'm not an addict like people think. However, I quickly realized, after going through my syllabi that I had one too many assignments due for comfort. My lack of internet prevented me from even printing off my assignment due Monday afternoon, let alone print off the notes I needed to study for my midterm. After growing stressed to the point of tears, I headed off to class in a state I had never thought I'd be in: unprepared. Within ten minutes at least part of my silent prayers had been answered. My professor didn't collect the reaction paper I'd been incapable of printing off. Furthermore, he agreed to send us home early with our midterms! I rushed home and set to work. I completed my midterm, completed a book review (due tomorrow), and did some work on a few other projects. However, I was still incapable of logging into the school computers, and when i went to the library today and used the info computers (which don't require a login) my email to the school requesting my user login information had gone unanswered. Miracle number two presented itself in the form of me remembering what my password was and SUCCESSFULLY LOGGIN IN! Within about an hour of my going to the library I'd completed and printed off three papers (including my midterm) and completed virtually ALL the research required for my term paper in my other history class (a ten-pager). I also found a digital copy of Olaudah Equiano's autobiography (READ IT!!!!!!!) the review for which is due next week, along with another book review for my other history class. THANK GOODNESS for USB drives.

Here's what the remainder of the quarter holds for me:
Tomorrow: DUE: (Diaspora) Midterm, Book Review - Beloved, Film Review - Africans in America
Thursday: (Tropics) Book discussion: Soluri's Banana Cultures.
Friday: TEST - Econ (test 2 out of 3 - so 1/3 of my grade)
Next Tuesday: DUE: (Tropics) Book Review - Soluri's Banana Cultures
Next Wednesday: DUE: (Diaspora) Book Review - Equiano's autobiography
Monday, November 24: DUE: (Diaspora) Term Paper (no idea what this is.....our prof hasn't even mentioned it once in class, it's just on the syllabus and it's worth 25% of our grade)
Tuesday, November 25: DUE: (Tropics) Rough Draft for Term Paper, Discussion of Brenner's Emperors of Chocolate (a book I need to start reading pretty much right now).
Tuesday, December 2: DUE (Tropics) Book Review - Brenner's Emperors of Chocolate

My Tropics term paper is due Wednesday, December 10th along with our final. My final for Diaspora is on Friday the 12th, for some reason. My econ final is optional: we only have to take it if we want to have one of our test scores dropped. More than likely I'll be taking it, since I will have to be here all week anyway. In about the next two weeks I have to complete/turn in 75% of my Diaspora graded work, and 50% of my Tropics work, and 1/3 of my Econ work. W.T.F?!!!

Miraculously I have an internet connection, which of course I've wasted by writing this nonsense. Gimme a break, though, I'm lonely up here all on my own!!