Thursday, October 30, 2008

New 100th post

I like to edit my posts.....

Here's a new one. Carisa tagged me, and I'm bored so I'll play along again!

**8 Favorite TV Shows - in no particular order
1. Gilmore Girls
2. Wipeout
3. House
4. The Simpsons
5. How it's Made
6. Boston Legal
7. Law and Order
8. Ninja Warrior

**8 Favorite Restraunts - in no particular order
1. Kobe (Japanese steak house in Stafford, VA - THE most amazing food on the planet, I kid thee not!)
2. Pizza Hut
3. Millcreek Brew Pub - I have only been there once, and I just had a nibble of a mushroom burger, but it was incredible. I HATE mushrooms (I didn't even know what it was that I was eating at the time) but I've been dying to go back and have another.
4. McMinamins (Or something like that) in North Portland. I had this thing called the Sgt. Pepper sandwich - grilled chicken breast with pepperjack cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, etc. It was so good. I ate the entire thing, plus all my fries.
5. Olive Garden
6. McDonalds - sorry, you can't beat a $.50 cheeseburger.
7. The Mazatlan (Mexican restaurant in Pendleton, Oregon - their fajitas are indescribable. Every time mum and I eat them it's like we're drunk, I'm serious. They are SO good).
8. La Casita (Mexican restaurant in Walla Walla, WA - they have THE BEST pina coladas)

**8 Things that happened yesterday - in order
1. Had an awkward moment with a handsome professor
2. Printed off a reaction paper for history class
3. ate lunch
4. Went to history and handed in my reaction paper
5. Came home to work on my book review for my other history class
6. Talked to my peeps online
7. Did some blogging
8. Finished my rough draft of my review and went to bed!

**8 Things to look forward to - in no particular order
1. Going to class on Monday so I can see the hot lit prof (who doesn't teach class on Fridays)
2. Finishing the rough draft of a story I'm working on so I can send a copy to the hot lit prof
3. Going home for Mum's birthday next weekend
4. Graduating from college
5. Spending the weekend having a Jane Austen marathon, possibly going shopping for some new shoes, and also possibly shopping for ingredients to make pumpkin bars and cream cheese frosting, since my mom decided to be out of town this weekend which means I won't be going home for halloween and had been planning and waiting for pumpking bars but NOOoooooooooooooo she just had to leave....
6. Seeing dad at Thanksgiving
7. Hopefully introducing myself to the hot lit prof
8. Hopefully finding out that the hot lit prof IS, in fact single, and then possibly attempting to date him.

**8 things I love about Fall - in no particular order
1. The crisp air
2. Sweaters
3. Scarves
4. Rainbow leaves falling in the breeze
6. The memories of past seasons.
7. The beginning of the build up toward Christmas!
8. The Holidays!

**8 Things on my Wish list - in no particular order
1. Hooded bomber jacket
2. skinny jeans
3. flats that don't blister or fall off my feet
4. digital camera
5. a NICE new computer that doesn't crash on me and has good audio.
6. comfortable, stylish sneakers
7. I am absolutely DYING for cousin Danny to come home from his mission. I keep constantly quoting Alcott: "My Danny's tummin soon!"
8. I actually wouldn't mind finding someone to maybe...have a relationship with. *cough*

Not-So Awkward Moment of the Day, Episode 3

Interesting new development in the Hot Lit Prof situation:

I was so disappointed this morning because I'd wanted to print off a copy of my book review and ask him to read it (which would allow me to introduce myself, break the tension, and give me a few minutes walking down the hall with him) but didn't finish proofing it in time. So I just wandered to class and - much to my surprise, as I left late - I made it to the building early. I was thrilled and waiting anxiously for him to come out (or else for the students to leave so I could go in). Well, he came out this time. There's a large pillar in front of the doorway (screwy architecture in this building), and he has always walked through it nearest the classroom (essentially "away from me" as I'm standing against the wall opposite). But this morning as he left he walked AROUND the pillar, toward me. He was inches away from me, and he kept seriously catching my eye. At one point another student directed his attention away from me, but he kind of.....dragged his gaze away as he turned, know what I mean?

Of course the more I think about it the less certain I am about this whole "glad eye" thing. I think at this point it's almost a challenge for us to look at each other. Neither of us knows what the other is thinking, and it's kind of a test of our mettle to look up when the other is around. HAHA!