Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Awkward Moment of the Day, Episode 2

Despite yesterdays unfortunate and mortifying "glad eye" experience, I showed up early for econ once again. Though certainly feeling apprehensive, I was determined to carry on. After all, Hot Lit Prof was looking at ME, so it's not like I was the only one to err. I walked into the room (fortunately there were more students along with me) and took my seat. Hot Prof had his back to me as I walked in, which was disappointing, but not as disappointing (and embarrassing) as was the realization that he was INTENTIONALLY keeping his back to me! He put on his jacket and scarf facing the chalkboard, then shifted awkwardly toward the door where he spent 10 seconds rolling up the projector screen (it's mechanic so it's on a switch, etc.) facing the wall. He then side-stepped into the doorway and walked out!

Now, most of you will probably think that it wasn't intentional at all. But it was. I'm on week 7 of school and EVERY morning we have had this exchange......and for him to suddenly and awkwardly shift about with his back toward me is CLEARLY a sign of his mortification and discomfort with yesterdays fiasco. It was so stupid of me to have looked away yesterday, and it was definitely what made the situation awkward. But for HIM to shuffle about for several minutes making sure never to face the classroom..... Now what do I do? Do I pretend like nothing happened? Nothing DID happen except we caught each other looking! At faces! It's not like I looked up and he was checking out my rack, or he looked up while I was staring at his bum! For heaven's sake! We're adults!